A World Full of Mysteries

by Tom Kovach

Our world is full of mysteries. Since the beginning of time, there have been countless incidents of strange and unexplainable incidents that boggle our minds. From folk stories that were handed down by word of mouth, to the time when language and writing came into being and events were actually recorded. Our world, well actually, our whole universe, is a very interesting and amazing place. Of course events take place every day, both good and bad. But sometimes, things that happen seem to go beyond an easy explanation.

Many of us humans are extremely interested in that part of our world: the strange and mysterious things that cannot be easily explained. Is there life on other planets? Are there other planets? Are there really UFOs? Are ghosts real? Is time travel a reality? Can people come back from the dead and communicate with us in the world of the living? Do dreams mean something and should we believe in them? Do Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other strange creatures really exist?

There are people who have spent their entire adult lives investigating these questions. But a lot of ordinary people, who are not experts on these subjects, are still very much interested in these fascinating ideas. Throughout history, as strange events have occurred, there are also people who try very hard to discount them. There is nothing wrong with that. We all want the truth. And the truth will often surprise us.

Some of the strange events, sightings, unworldly experiences, can have a logical explanation…but not all of them. Not by a long shot! Even when the U.S. Air Force conducted its famous Blue Book investigations into UFOs and alien sightings, they could prove that some of the reports were just ordinary lights of cars, planes, lighthouses, shooting stars, swamp gas, etc. But even the investigators at Blue Book admitted, before the project was abandoned, that a number of sightings and reports simply could not be explained. So even though some reports are true and some reports are not, it doesn’t stifle our need to wonder about them and explore them. For many of us, the mysteries, whether we read about them, actually experience them, or investigate them, it adds something rich and wonderful to our lives.

I’ve been writing and reporting about mysterious events for Fate magazine for almost 50 years now. My first contribution to Fate was after I returned from Vietnam in the mid l960s. I think that section of the magazine was already called “True Mystic Experiences.” I do remember that it involved a coal miner who had worked with my dad in the mines and who had a fatal premonition about a cave-in that came true years later. Through the years I have written about unexplained things that involved me, my relatives, my friends, and even strangers. With further investigation perhaps some of these reports would have had a logical explanation. I don’t know. But I do know that most of what I wrote about was very real and often defied a logical explanation. At least not the kind of logic we are used to in everyday life.

I have one more recent experience to report and it frightened me very much. It happened in the summer of 2013. I was sleeping soundly when suddenly, I felt something heavy on top of me. I live alone and do not have pets. My doors were locked and my windows were closed. I normally leave the screened windows open on summer nights, but we were expecting rain that night so they were all shut. I sleep on my side. This “thing” appeared to be sleeping on its side too. But what really woke me was when I felt this “thing” shifting its weight as though it were trying to get more comfortable. My eyes flew open! And I knew it wasn’t a dream because my bedroom door was open and the room across from my bedroom is my computer room. There is always a faint glow coming from the open door of my computer room.

The first thing I thought was that someone had broken into my house. But that didn’t make any sense. Why would someone come into my room and lay on top of me…sideways? I was on my side so I couldn’t see without sharply turning my head. In those few seconds of panic, I didn’t want to see! The “thing” shifted again, and the most terrifying fear gripped my whole body. It was a tremendous fear that’s very hard to explain…and I’ve been frightened before!

Suddenly, I shouted, “Get the hell off of me!” With that I flung myself upright and out of the bed. The sickening weight vanished, but not without a sort of lingering pause. I quickly turned on my bedside light and, still shaking, looked under the bed. Yes, just as if I were a kid looking for imaginary monsters under the bed. But I knew this was not imaginary. There was nothing under my bed.

I looked inside the bedroom closet and master bathroom. I searched the other bathroom. The hallway, the guest bedroom, and the computer room.  Finally, with all the lights blazing, I checked the living room, kitchen, and the utility room. There was nothing.

Was it a bad dream? Sure, that is one possibility. But I don’t think it was. It was very, very real to me. And when I first felt that weight, and when I first opened my eyes, I know that I was awake and not dreaming. It took me a long time to get back into bed and finally fall asleep again. It has been awhile now, and I have not had another experience even close to what I felt that night.

There are many strange and mysterious things in our world, and not all of them can be brushed away as fantasy, dreams, or a wild imagination. Some things are beyond what we would normally reason to be true. Yet in many cases, I believe, they are true. There are others, like me, interested in the odd, mysterious, and sometimes very scary things that go on around us. That is why people read a magazine like Fate: We want to explore the unknown.