True Mystic Experiences: An Unusual Report on the Battleship Arizona


It was the mid-1970s and my assigned territory was the states of Washington and Oregon. A major part of my customer route was the I-5 corridor passing through Portland, Corvallis, Eugene and my southernmost point, Medford, Oregon. About that time I had become interested in the paranormal and my interest had been drawn to a small gathering at the Eugene, Oregon, home of a former World War II South Pacific combat nurse. Her settings and most unusual oral attestation that evening held us spellbound. This is her testimony.

“From my earliest memory and modest family background I did not know that my unusual spiritual sensitivity was quite different from other children. Still, in early childhood, through sharing thoughts with my several young friends, I realized that my easy and natural ability to separate my spirit from my flesh was something I had not found others able to do. As a child I would often arise, leaving my flesh behind, and first venture around the house. As I grew older I would venture outside of my home, sometimes traveling great distances but always returning to my earthly body. I was surprised that I was not sleep deprived even though I would be gone for hours at a time. And yes, I met many spirits all who had shed their flesh in times past. To this aspect of my report I want to emphatically exclaim that I was to learn of huge numbers of these spirit souls were in painful and deep regret that they had not realized the importance of ‘flesh’ and what your input did to it.

“In order to help the reader understand this important point, try to think of your flesh as a current picture or photograph. The photo negative to each of us is our ‘spirit’ so what we have created and ingested to our body is instilled in our spirit, whether good or bad. So at any given moment in our time, what we have imposed in our flesh is what is recorded in our spirit. Try to picture what our appetites can do to our spirit. Particular appetites of alcohol, tobacco, food cravings, yes, even cravings for sex and a host of natural or unnatural desires can cause our focus to be consumed on any of these subjects. This truly can be a hell for without the flesh there can be no satisfaction, only endless frustration.”

More on this subject can be read in the booklet Return from Tomorrow by Dr. George Ritchie. On another subject, Mildred detailed several conditions of the passing from life in the flesh to the spirit world. An excellent reference to this topic is Dr. Ken Ring’s book, titled Life at Death. In this book are three categories: one is death by natural causes, another is death by violence or accident and the third is attempted death by suicide. Briefly, death by natural causes is often prepared for and the person sees this transition and is welcomed by passed over family and friends. Death by accident or battlefield violence is often not recognized or understood. They need to move on but without this help they are in an earthbound state. The third is attempted death by suicide. This seems to have serious or costly penalties to the soul and is a major subject of some substance.

One of the most important points to mention is the subject of time. In the spirit world, time has no meaning…it is always “now” and so if you died in the flesh many years ago it is now that you are in. On that evening Mildred related an experience she had. Readers will remember one of the most dramatic moments of the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the huge explosion and a sinking of the battleship Arizona. Once again, keep in mind that time has no meaning and the abrupt shock of death may not be recognized until something will trigger an opportunity to move on. Mildred, with the advantage of both flesh and spirit, was asked to use her special gift to go into the bowels of the great battleship and try to help those spirits still trapped there and to tell them that it was time to move on. She related that “I have knowledge and with knowledge I have light.”

“I ventured in my spirit state to one of the many compartments in the sunken ship where there were sixteen enlisted men (spirits) and two junior officers (spirits).” As so often in other, similar experiences of quick and sudden death, in the act of trying to save themselves they are going through the repeated acts of their last attempt to survive, not accepting physical death yet.

Mildred said, “I stood to one side of this compartment watching the crew repeating over and over events in an attempt to shore up their bulkheads and to save themselves, of course with no success.

After a short earthly time I calmly said, “Men, you are dead. You must move on now.” (Communication in the spirit world is done by our minds.)

At that point one of the junior officers turned to look at her and exclaimed, “Who are you and who let a woman aboard a combat ship by the United States Navy? Pay no attention to this woman,” and thus they continued their same repetition over and over.

Then a second time Mildred stated, “Men, you are dead. You must move on now.”

Two of the sailors paused to ponder this statement. And after a thoughtful moment, they said, “You know, she may be right. Maybe we are dead.”

Mildred showed them how to move on, but what was truly amazing was that the balance of the group paid no attention and continued what they were doing.

Her concluding comment on this experience was that this balance of men would continue this same effort until one by one they realized their present condition and they might or might not elect to move on. Without the flesh it is much harder to understand and act. Some spirits who know that they are physically dead and burdened with their earthly transgressions may fear facing God. Others feel their burdens are light and may not face their future in the spirit with concern. — W. H. B., Bellevue, WA