My Proof of Survival: Beware of Relationships


My husband died after 54 years of a very happy marriage. I thought there might be someone I?could share life with and bring happiness to him. I got three names.

The first, I?eliminated after only one letter. He wanted a cook and someone to wait on him. The second I?met in person, but one meal was enough for me to eliminate him.

So I?still had the third one, who I?never did meet, but entertained letters and phone calls from. After almost a year of this, we still had not met. I went on a cruise to Bermuda, where I had a psychic reading done. The reader was someone from whom I’d had a reading before.

She said, “Did your husband die?”
I?said, “Yes.”
She said, “He has a message for you: Beware of relationships.”

Next, I was in Virginia Beach and another psychic told me the exact same words: beware of relationships. When I got home and rode horseback with a friend, she said, “By the way, I?saw George in the woods last week. He was sitting on a log and had on a green jacket. He said, ‘Tell Peggy to beware of relationships.’”

Four times of this, and I?figured that I?had better listen! Then my son said that Daddy had come to him and said that the reason he didn’t come to me was because he was afraid I?would want to come with him, and it wasn’t my time yet. We had known a friend who heard her husband say, as he was being buried, “Aren’t you coming with me, Molly?” Two days later, she  died of a broken heart.

I did some research on the third guy and found that there were two things to beware of. So, although my husband has gone to the beyond, he is my guardian angel. — Peggy C., Tryon, NC