True Mystic Experiences: California Lights


In the late fall of 1978, I?was stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in Southern California. I was in Infantry Training School at the time. After evening chow, we were given a break, to smoke or just to talk to other Marines. We took our break on an elevated football-type field, complete with bright lighting. This particular night was cool, clear, and dry. Many Marines were smoking and talking on the field.

Suddenly I?noticed a mist forming above the bright lighting on the near end of the field. This mist turned into a “cigar-cloud,” complete with two rows of yellow or orange lights. The lights seemed to be pulsating. This object seemed to be gathering energy from the field lighting.

I was the first person to notice the UFO phenomena. I quickly let everyone around me know what was going on a short distance above us by the lights. There was no light associated with this object. We all watched this “cloud-cigar” for over 15 minutes. The UFO never moved, but remained stationary. Mist started surrounding the UFO, and it was gone.

Over 50 people had witnessed this event. Many were unsure of what we had just witnessed. This “cloud-cigar” was my first UFO?sighting.

I was reminded of my UFO?experience as I?was reading an old FATE magazine article from?February 2006. The article was titled, “Is There an Underwater UFO Base off the Southern California Coast?” by Preston Dennett. — Michael Z., Columbus, OH