Mutually Assured Destruction: Has It Happened Before?

Nuclear Explosion

by Kelly Bell When the Eastern Bloc collapsed in 1991 the whole world breathed a sigh of relief. Yet what if the East-West rivalry had not ended with a whimper—what if it had ended in a big bang? Considering the … Follow Your Fate…

The Kensington Runestone


A controversial stone inscription has been authenticated as proof that 14th-century Europeans reached North America 130 years before Christopher Columbus.

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Did Cro-Magnons Discover America?


This FATE classic examines archaeological evidence that Cro-Magnon men may have reached America before either Columbus or Leif Ericsson.

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The Impossible Fossils


From giant human skeletons to entombed live frogs, toads, and beetles, many extraordinary discoveries and exhumations fall into the strange category of “impossible fossils.”

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