Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-Creator

My experiences are not entirely unique, but the way in which this window of understanding opened for me is. There was no journey, no explanation as to why – the knowledge was just revealed. Things that to many are never … Follow Your Fate…

The History and Truth About Pole Shifts on Earth


POLE SHIFTS What are they, why do they happen, and should we expect one again soon? by David Montaigne Look up “pole shift” online and you will find many opinions ranging from “they are rare magnetic events” to “civilization will … Follow Your Fate…

What is Causing the Current “Swarm” of Earthquakes in Alaska?


Strange 5.7 magnitude earthquakes continue to rock Alaska, but their cause remains unknown.

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Dark Earth: The Source of Aliens and Angels?

Dark Earth: The Source of Aliens and Angels?

Is it possible that gravity corridors might offer inter-galactic travel in relatively short amount of time, and would they depend on “invisible” dark filaments and strange gravity?

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An Interview with Michio Kaku


In this classic interview with FATE, Michio Kaku discusses the physics of the impossible with FATE Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Galde.

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Andrew Crosse: The Man Who Created Life


Did a little known amateur scientist by the name of Andrew Crosse discover how to create life? Did he unintentionally discover a mixture of electricity and chemicals which yielded living creatures from a lifeless compound?

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