Ghosts of the Hearth: History & Hauntings of Iron Furnaces

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by Karl W. Hahn   Beginning in the 1800s, and lasting well into the 20th century, the iron furnace played an invaluable role in helping to forge the Industrial Revolution in America. During their heyday, the raw, unrefined pig iron … Follow Your Fate…

Strange Tales from the London Underground

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by Nick Redfern England’s famous London Underground railway system serves Greater London and parts of the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. It’s also the world’s oldest underground network of its type: services began on January 10, 1863, on the … Follow Your Fate…

The Phantom Ship of Chaleur Bay: Ghostly Ship Seen by Many

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by Steve Vernon Anyone who’s lived along the coast knows that ghost stories and the sea naturally swim together. To understand why that is you need to wade a mile or two in a pair of well-used gum rubber boots. … Follow Your Fate…

Spirits in the Living World: The Search for Answers in the Dark


Fueled by the popularity of reality shows focused on the supernatural, more than 2,593 paranormal investigation groups exist across the United States… so what are they achieving?

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My Proof of Survival: A Visionary Dream


My cousin Gregg passed away from AIDS in 1989. It was a tragic end to such a young man — he was only 27. When he was alive, we shared many personal conversations about our views of life and spirituality, … Follow Your Fate…

The Phantom Rider: A Story of Another Headless Horseman


Most have heard of the “Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow,” but few know of Delaware’s decapitated phantom night-rider.

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Ghostly Receptors: New Perspectives on Ghosts and UFOs

Strange Connections Between Ghosts and UFOs

In many situations, does it not seem likely that ghosts, UFOs, and aliens appear to us as we would expect them to look?

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Ghost Soldier in Our Attic


“I think I would have died and that the soldier would have taken me with him except that at that very instant my small daughter sat up in bed screaming the most unearthly screams I have ever heard. Still, it seemed her screams receded farther and farther from me….”

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The Haunted Pillar of Prophecy


The Old Testament-style speaker proclaimed that a storm would soon destroy the Market. Only the southwestern column would survive the storm, the preacher declared, and anyone who attempted to move it would be killed.

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My Proof of Survival: The Dead Speak


If someone had told me the dead could communicate with the living, I would have dismissed that idea as the figment of someone’s fevered brain, or at least, wishful thinking. Skeptic that I am, that was my original belief until … Follow Your Fate…

My Proof of Survival: Beware of Relationships


My husband died after 54 years of a very happy marriage. I thought there might be someone I?could share life with and bring happiness to him. I got three names. The first, I?eliminated after only one letter. He wanted a … Follow Your Fate…

True Mystic Experiences: Mean-Looking Angel


In the summer of 1990, I was incarcerated within the Arizona State Prison System. I was a 26-year-old fool who had gotten caught in the go-nowhere world of drugs, and, as most do, found myself in big trouble headed for … Follow Your Fate…

True Mystic Experiences: Comforted by Cat


My younger sister, Oluchi, died and was buried far away in Nigeria five years ago. However, the strange behavior of my cat recently upon the fifth anniversary of her death convinced me beyond all doubts that cats really do have … Follow Your Fate…