The Disruption Agent Man

By Steve Erdmann Secret Agent Man There’s a man who leads a life of danger To everyone he meets he stays a stranger With every move he makes another chance he takes Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow … Follow Your Fate…

Russian Cosmonauts and Their Sightings of UFOs and Other Strange Phenomena

by Paul Stonehill SIGHTINGS IN THE LOW EARTH ORBIT Soviet, and later, Russian cosmonauts have observed interesting , unusual, and often inexplicable phenomena while in space. Some of them have talked about their experiences, although doing so is not encouraged … Follow Your Fate…

Adamski’s Forgotten Photograph

New Key to the Truth about the First UFO Contactee? Warren P. Aston Copyright 2015 Whether they accept his claims or not, most readers will be familiar with the name of George Adamski, the first so-called “contactee” to openly claim … Follow Your Fate…

Amazing Report of The UFO Crash of 1865


by J. D. Haines, M.D. General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865. The same year, the first crash of an unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported in the … Follow Your Fate…

From the Archives: Vallee Discusses UFO Control System


In 1978, FATE featured this classic interview with Jacques Vallee, who discussed an apparent “control system” which operates in some capacity between UFOs and the human mind.

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My Encounter With the Flying Disks


Here is another of the historic stories that were suppressed during the “flying saucer scare” in 1947. Why was it kept secret till now?

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Holograms and High Strangeness

Holograms and High Strangeness

UFO Researcher Scott Corrales analyzes several bizarre cases of high strangeness, including encounters with alien shapeshifters and giant translucent entities.

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The Little Green Man Who Got Away

Green Man

The creature looked like something from another world — or a comic book — and every kid in town was determined to catch it. One of them almost did.

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Ghostly Receptors: New Perspectives on Ghosts and UFOs

Strange Connections Between Ghosts and UFOs

In many situations, does it not seem likely that ghosts, UFOs, and aliens appear to us as we would expect them to look?

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Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects

Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects

Reports of underwater objects of unknown origin, sometimes called “Quackers”, proliferated throughout the years of the Soviet Union.

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The Great Airship Hoax


In this classic FATE installment, Fortean Jerome Clark takes a critical look at the airships of yesteryear.

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Are the Saucers Made on Earth?


MOST people who accept the ­reality of flying saucers immediately jump to the conclusion that their point of origin must be another planet.

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The Roswell UFO Crash [UFO Crashes Part III]


If what they were hearing had any foundation, all of UFO history would have to be rewritten. And although they had no inkling of it then, the investigation on which they were about to embark would change their own lives forever.

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Encounters With Little Men


“I got there and I saw him,” Latham remembers. “The little man was no more than 18 inches high and kind of a dark green in color. He was the same smooth color all over.”

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