Seeing Spirits

by Hunter Liguore Arthur Conan Doyle is mostly known as the author of the detective fiction and adventures featuring Sherlock Holmes. With television series, Elementary, hitting its third season, not to mention the rebooted movie franchise, along with comics and … Follow Your Fate…

What “Lucid Dreaming” Really Means


In this first-hand account, Walter Lacey seeks to understand the true meaning of lucid dreaming, which includes a number of unsettling events, and the eventual learning and acceptance of the experience.

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Ghostly Receptors: New Perspectives on Ghosts and UFOs

Strange Connections Between Ghosts and UFOs

In many situations, does it not seem likely that ghosts, UFOs, and aliens appear to us as we would expect them to look?

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Enter the Light: A Look at Faith and Science Today

Fate Magazine is About to Launch!

Dan Nieman, author of “Enter the Light,” offers this thoughtful critique about worldview and reality in a culture where science and belief systems are in a constant stand-off.

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