True Mystic Experiences: Comforted by Cat


My younger sister, Oluchi, died and was buried far away in Nigeria five years ago. However, the strange behavior of my cat recently upon the fifth anniversary of her death convinced me beyond all doubts that cats really do have psychic powers — and can tell when the ghosts of our loved ones are hovering around us.

I was sitting down this day lost in sober reflection. All my thoughts had been centered round my late sister: the dreams we had together, her intended marriage that was never to be, the university education that was cut abruptly and so on, when a rainstorm roared outside.

This sent Stefania, my pet cat, scurrying inside. She fixed her large eyeballs at me momentarily, ran into my inner room, pulled open the drawers and among a whole bunch of things I had there (newspaper cuttings, pens, hankies, collection of photos and so on). She picked my late sister’s photograph, dashing toward me with it.

When she came to my bed, she shoved the photograph toward me and started to wag her tail toward my face apparently to comfort me. I was shocked at this strange experience. How could Stefania have known my state of mind that day? Why did she select only the photo of my late sister among other photographs I had there even when she, Stefania, had just been with me a couple of months and had not seen me touch that drawer before? In short, how did she know I was grieving the loss of Oluchi?

Since this incident, I have been more than convinced that there is more to this mystical earth than meets the eye. — Uzo­dinma C., Turin, Italy