Report from the Readers: Connecting Generations


FATE has indirectly been a part of my whole life: a bridge for generations, a teacher, and a welcome reminder of strange history. I did not get my hands on my first FATE until recently. I am now in my early 20s.

How, you may ask, did FATE affect my life in such a profound way? My grandfather subscribed every year, from issue number two to his untimely death. He and my father shared a close relationship and a mutual love of the supernatural, which my father passed on to me by telling me old stories.

My grandfather died before I was born, but I have always felt his warm presence. My mother and father taught me to have an open mind, which has helped him come through. I recently found out that my grandmother disposed of all the family FATEs shortly after my grandfathers’ death. My father went on the lookout for old copies of the magazine. Upon finding a few, I got my first taste of FATE. I was proud to find so many others with similar experiences. It has also finally filled a void caused by not knowing my grandfather. I now feel more connected to him every time I pick up an issue.

I just want to thank everyone at FATE past, present, and future, for printing information with an open mind and across the generations. — Katrina J, via email