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INTUITIVE TAROT AND ASTROLOGY TUNE-UPS. Readings are economically priced at $80.00 per hour, $45.00 1/2 hour and $25.00 for a 15-minute consultation. Contact Chris Anderson at: 262-279-5686 Email:

After Death Communication

JANICE CARLSON. Medium, Psychic, and Award-winning author. After-Life Communications with your deceased loved ones & pets.  Janice offers medium sessions free of charge to those wishing to contact U.S. military personnel, police officers or fire fighters who died in service to America.   email:   Or call  952-934-1196.



FREE BOOK TREE CATALOG. Hundreds of books and dvds on Ancient Mysteries, Anti-Gravity, Alternative Health, Astrology & Tarot, Black Projects, Conspiracies, Crop Circles, Fortean Studies, Free Energy, Ghosts & Hauntings, Gnosticism, Higher Consciousness, Human Origins, Lost Civilizations, Magic & Alchemy, Mind Power, Paranormal Research, Prophecies, Reincarnation, Remote Viewing, Secret Societies, Shamanism, UFOs, Wicca & Paganism, Zecharia Sitchin, Neil Freer, Paul Tice, Jordan Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, and more. 1-800-700-TREE (24 hrs.) or go to

FREE CATALOG. Books on all subjects, spirituality, paranormal, children’s, history. Write Galde Press, Inc., PO Box 460, Lakeville MN 55044.

GET YOUR MIND BLOWN! Read the books of Dr. G. H. Pealer. “WORLDS BEYOND DEATH” Explore other Dimensions! Find out what really happens in death $15 Ozark Publishing 1-800-935-0045 or

“UNTOLD JESUS: THE 2,000 YEAR OLD SECRET!” What you’ve “Never Been Allowed” to hear! $9 Dorrance Publishing: 1-800-788-7654

YAHWEH (pronounced Yah-Way) IS YOUR CREATOR!Learn about Atlantis, Egyptology, The Great Pyramid & Great Sphinx, Reincarnation, Prophecy, Spirit Communication, Astrology, ESP, Dreams & Visions, Astral Traveling, Mental Telepathy, UFOs & Space Aliens, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Historical & Archaeological cover-ups, Psychic Phenomena, Secrets of Health, and Coming Earth Changes. Write for a free sample newsletter and free book: Yahweh’s New Kingdom P.O. Box 147 Prescott, AZ 86302

INNER TRADITIONS is a leading publisher of books on the subjects of spirituality, esotericism, indigenous cultures, self-development, and holistic health and healing.

THE CONSPIRACY JOURNAL/BIZARRE BAZAAR. Two free magazines unlike anything you’ve read before!. Sign up for a free subscription—send your name and address by email to:

NEW WORLD LIBRARY  publishes books and audios that inspire and challenge us to improve the quality of our lives and our world. The ultimate goal of the company is a sweeping one: personal and planetary transformation — awakening both individual consciousness and global social potential by publishing inspirational and practical materials in spirituality, personal growth, and other related areas.

“A DEADLY HAUNTING” A terrifying secret hidden for over 25 years. In 1987 the horror began. The Moffit Family residence was invaded by an unfathomable menace—an entity immensely powerful and unspeakably evil. His mark was the triangle. His weapon the spear. His mission? destruction.

“SOUL SENSING: How to Communicate With Your Dead Loved Ones”  Think it’s impossible to communicate with your dead loved one? The truth is they’re probably already communicating with you. Find out what they’re saying and how to reply with this groundbreaking book! Available at and

FORTEAN TIMES. Europes’ best paranormal magazine.



Ghost Hunting Equipment

Health and Wellness Products

WHAT IS OXIDATIVE STRESS and how does it affect your body in regard to aging, diseases and overall well being? For more information including how it affects you, and helpful steps to eliminate it and feel years younger naturally, contact: Jamie Anderson at or Dr. Aaron Williams at

Hair Analysis


METAPHYSICS, PSYCHOLOGY, CORRESPONDENCE courses. Earn certificates, degrees. Free brochure. Metaphysics College, PO Box 285, Arroyo Hondo, NM 87513

Have You Had a Spiritual Experience? Flying dreams prophecy, visions, deja vu, out of body–or other? Learn why you have them. For free Spiritual Experiences Guidebook and CD from ECKANKAR, call 1-888-LOVE GOD or go to—visit our resource directory for finding holistic practitioners, natural products, alternative therapies, books, CDs, stores, magazines, schools, expos, seminars and more.

Free Courses;;;;;; ; and all the courses are for free!


JANICE CARLSON. Medium, Psychic, and Award-winning author. After-Life Communications with your deceased loved ones & pets.  Janice offers medium sessions free of charge to those wishing to contact U.S. military personnel, police officers or fire fighters who died in service to America.   email:   Or call  952-934-1196.


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GIFT ITEMS, AMULETS, Wicca,vBritish Isles, Books, Bumper Stickers,vJewelry, Incense, Oils, Candles, Ritual Items, Statuary, Herbs.


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The world’s first community portal for fans of the paranormal, unexplained, and new age. Stream gripping shows, raw investigations, helpful tutorials, and analyze EVPs. Share your evidenceand encounters. Engage other community members on the forums, and read articles and interviews on the blog.  Find us here:

THE PARACAST. The gold standard of Paranormal Radio, hosted by Gene Steinberg and David Biedny.

JIM HAROLD PODCASTS. The Paranormal Podcast: Inteviews with captivating authors in the paranormal field. Jim Harold’s Campfire: Spooky stories from listeners around the world.

DARKNESS RADIO. The best of paranormal talk radio. Join us as we lead you on a journey to the world of unexplained phenomena. Streaming all over the world, weeknights 9pm to Midnight CST.

THE GRALIEN REPORT with Micah Hanks. Listen live every Monday from 7-9pm EST.

Parnormal Equipment

Past Life Regression

PETRENE SOAMES. Rebirthing, Regression, Progression, Healings. Innovative books and strategies for Healing, Transformation, Completion and Change. Welcome to the next steps in your life. 281-363-9983. email:  website:


WISHING DOLL—Ancient turquoise adorned replica grants one wish. Please use wisely. Absolutely guaranteed. $9.00. HOC, Box 1098, Dept. FC-172, Cedar Crest, New Mexico 87008

One Free “Wishes Come True” Ritual. Tell me your special wish. 909-473-7470. Elizabeth, Box 9315F, San Bernardino, CA 92427-9315


5 MINUTES FREE READING. 19 years clairvoyant experience. Graduated Berkeley Psychic Institute Affordable $1.00 minute thereafter. Call Ria: 707-544-2585

NEED REAL ANSWERS? Contact Real Clairvoyant Psychic and Authentic Medium, Rev. Jordyn Morrison Clason. Excellent references. Documented abilities. Since 1988.

ROBERT “One of the best known psychics in the country!” First reading $10.00 (816)

TRUE PSYCHIC READINGS Spiritual Energetic Healing. 1-323-466-3684


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NATIONAL UFO Reporting Center

THE GRALIEN REPORT, your source for the latest news in science, unexplained phenomena, history, sci-fi, and other compelling news from around the world. The future is now.

MUFON. The Mutual UFO Network. Websites, blogs, and online communities.

THE ANOMALIST. Your daily strange and unknown news round-up.

THE DAILY GRAIL provides news. special features, videos, and audio interviews covering all aspects of the paranormal.

THE OBJECT REPORT. Unidentified news from around the world. Latest-breaking UFO News 24/7 from around the world. UFO video footage, special reports, and paranormal news.