From Your Editor | FATE May/June 2013

By FATE Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Galdetwitter phyllis

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We salute Judith Grober, who has read every issue of FATE since the first issue, in 1948!

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David Godwin
Nearly a year has gone by since the Amazing Godwin has left us.

I have had many communications from him, directly during the day, in dreams, and from some excellent mediums.

A few nights ago, I dreamed he was helping me paint an indoor room in a house (not the one I live in). It was just “business as usual.”

Shortly after he passed, I had a very vivid dream, almost like I was awake. David appeared to me wearing his favorite brown plaid cotton shirt. He was smiling and appeared very happy. I was so excited to see him! I wondered about his teeth. (He had had upper dentures, and I felt guilty when I had discarded them after he died.) I asked him, “Where did you get teeth?”

He smiled, and said, “Oh, I found some.”

I said, You’re alive! You didn’t die! This is the greatest miracle I’ve ever seen. We’ll have to write about this in FATE.

“Now we can go on the Carnival Cruise we were planning.”

I was so exuberant from this dream, but when I woke up the next morning, he was still gone.

David still comes around and advises me on computer-related questions. Previously, I did the story contacts, and he did all the technical work.

Most of the grief has cleared and now it’s fun when I sense him around helping.

Exciting news! David has agreed to continue his column from the afterlife. He and local medium Janice Carlson have established an excellent and easy-flowing communication, and will share his experiences. He said that he is also willing to answer questions from FATE readers.

Recently our shipper, Thomas, was at our warehouse in a neighboring town.

He had stepped outside to have a cigarette, and observed that the coroner’s van had brought a deceased person to White Funeral Home, which is the next building away from our warehouse. It was about nine o’clock at night, and the parking lot is well lit up.

Sometime later, because it was a nice everning,  he was outside again.

Through the main front doors of the funeral home, he saw a young man run out the door, frantically waving his arms in the air to get someone’s attention. He looked at Thomas and was waving to him. Thomas held his arms up, as if to say, what can I do and shrugged, before turning his head away. The poor guy then turned and ran down the street.

Turns out he was dead, but didn’t know it yet. Thomas said that the young guy had on a gray sweat outfit, and he knew the man was dead because he was shadowy. Furthermore, Thomas said he didn’t want the dead man to attach himself to him, which is why he turned away.

How traumatic. At that time, he must not have had anyone in spirit guiding him, or didn’t realize he was no longer alive. I feel so sorry for him.

Once when I was in my early thirties, I was staying at our old family farmhouse in North Dakota. Two of my young nieces were sharing the double bed in what had been my parents’ bedroom. The girls were sleeping by the back wall, and I was on the side of the bed where the bedroom’s open area was. Sometime in the night, as I had my arm out extending beyond the bed, something touched my fingertips. It was like a huge electrical shock, and was extremely terrifying and painful.

After reading the story of The Visitor in My Proof of Survival, I think I might finally have an answer. Constance Durkin talks about her mother visiting her from spirit, but was cautioned not to touch her, because her mother’s new body was electrical.

I don’t know who touched me, but the electrical shock makes sense now. Someone reached out, probably not meaning to hurt me.

From a very early age, every night I would see the image of a man standing in my bedroom doorway. Scared the heck out of me! When I grew up, I found out that he had died in that room. We had many fascinating seances in the old house and made contact with him several times. Turns out he was a guardian spirit for us kids! No need to have been frightened. If I had known that as a child, I probably would have slept much better.