How to Get Instant Healing

by Susan Shumsky

In a world of chaos and uncertainty, we are beginning to wake up to the reality that we can no longer depend on solid, steadfast institutions we previously counted on, even for our very survival. There is an increasing, sickening fear about the future, which is taxing our mental and physical health. As our lives and livelihood appear to be sliding into an abyss, there seems no way out of this madness.

How can we find a path to greater well being? Is there a way to reverse the downward spiral of inner turmoil and frustration? There is an answer. You can find instantaneous transformation. By using simple affirmation formulas, you can experience immediate healing, comfort, and solace. You can discover self-empowerment and gain self-confidence. You can heal your body, mind, emotions, and environment. You can attain a state of inner strength and wellness as never known before.

There are non-denominational, universal methods of spiritual healing that have been proven millions of times by people who have used them over the last 150 years to change their lives within minutes.

Pioneers of this Method

In the New Age movement, New Thought, Unity Church, Science of Mind, Divine Science, and Centers for Spiritual Living, these field-proven powerful healing methods have been variously named Affirmation, Scientific Prayer, Affirmative Prayer, Spiritual Mind Science, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and Treatment. (These have no relationship with Scientology.)

We are grateful to the amazing teachers who developed these methods. Some of them include:

• Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866), “Father of New Thought,” a miraculous, nationally renowned healer.

• Emma Curtis Hopkins (1853-1925), author of High Mysticism, teacher of the New Thought teachers, including Ernest Holmes and the Fillmores.

• Charles Fillmore (1854-1948) and Myrtle Fillmore (1845-1931), founders of the Unity Church.

• Ernest Holmes (1887-1960), author of Science of Mind and founder of the Church of Religious Science (not to be confused with Scientology, which is not taught here).

• Peter Victor Meyer (1912-2004), author of Being a Christ, founder of Teaching of the Inner Christ and Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics.

• Louise Hay (b. 1926), author of You Can Heal Your Life, founder: Hay House.

Such New Thought teachers propose that all difficulties can be overcome through metaphysical remedies, such as affirmations and prayers. The method of Affirmative Prayer Treatment, also known as Scientific Prayer, is a process of “treating” (healing and transforming) your mind until it realizes the truth of God’s eternal good behind the appearance of false limitations. Once your mind has been treated, it is ready to accept the action of the Spiritual Law (the Law of “Perfection Everywhere Now”) to demonstrate (materialize) your desired goal.

Ernest Holmes defines this method as follows: “Treatment is the time, process and method necessary to the changing of our thought. Treatment is changing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the ever-presence of God.”1

By transforming, healing, or “treating” your mind, you can change the outcome of actions previously set into motion by your former mind-set. By setting up conditions in your mind that allow God to work through the Spiritual Law, your transformation occurs. Then, you accept, with full faith, the desired goal is achieved. In this way, the power of intention is used in order to achieve your heart’s desires.

Anyone who wants to transform his/her state of mind, or the surrounding mental atmosphere, can do so in an instant. These healing affirmation formulas are simple and effective, and require no background, skill, or training. You are not required to learn anything in order to benefit from these amazing techniques. All you need to do is read the formula audibly and then let go and allow the magic to happen. Through simple affirmation methods, you can now discover how the power of your spoken word, with intention, produces miraculous, instant results.

Healing affirmations are to be spoken audibly, in a strong, clear voice. Speaking audibly produces the greatest potency. You may repeat these affirmations as many times as you like. If you have a deep problem or want to manifest a desire, then say the affirmation several times daily. Just keep repeating the affirmation until you get the result you are seeking. Every affirmation works. It either produces an instant result, or else it creates an instant healing that moves you towards your desired goal. So keep affirming, and never, never, never give up.

Some Healing Affirmations

The “Self-Authority Affirmation” can transform your life instantaneously. With daily use, you can gain tremendous self-empowerment and confidence. This affirmation closes your energy field to lower levels of mind, and opens you to the spiritual world. Therefore, you are no longer subject to “environ-mental static”—negative vibrations and thought-forms around you.

With this affirmation, you can heal “Psychic Sponge Syndrome”— oversensitivity to the mental atmosphere. Psychic sponges absorb the vibrations around them as a sponge absorbs water. They tend to take on the ills of negative people in their proximity. Lower vibrations of heavy environments weaken them. Their life energy is sucked dry by psychic vampires all day. After a day’s work in a dense, destructive atmosphere, psychic sponges feel drained and exhausted.

This affirmation can help you revive and restore your energy. Use it whenever you feel weak, afraid, powerless, off-kilter, or intimidated. It is recommended before you leave your home, before meditation, and before sleep. Use it whenever you need protection, self-empowerment, and confidence, such as entering a crowded area, before meeting an authority figure, before and after meeting clients or business associates, and before tests, interviews, auditions, or meetings. When you feel drained by people or situations, or you feel an invasive or overshadowing energy, use this affirmation, in or out of meditation.

I AM in control.

I AM one with God.

I AM the only authority in my life.

I AM divinely protected by the light of my being.

I close off my aura and body of light

To the lower astral levels of mind.

And I now open to the spiritual world.

Thank you, God, and SO IT IS.

The affirmation for “Perfection and Wholeness” declares that you are perfect and whole. God within you, at the very center of your being, is perfect, pure, and flawless. This affirmation can help you realize the perfection of your being.

I AM the immaculate conception of God now.

I AM the immaculate perfection of God now.

I AM perfection everywhere now.

I AM That I AM divine perfection.

I AM the divine expression of perfection—

Perfection everywhere present,

Perfection everywhere now.

Perfection here now.

I AM ever one with perfect life,

Perfect love, and perfect substance—

Whole and complete in every way.

Thank you, God, and SO IT IS.


Another powerful affirmation is a “Declaration of Peace on Earth.” Nations and people have declared war on each other ever since people have existed. It is time for us to now declare peace!

We now declare peace on all countries.

We now declare peace on all peoples.

We now declare peace on earth.

Let there be peace on earth, right here and now.

Let the world live in peace, harmony and happiness.

Let the world live in brotherly love and unity.

Thank you, God, and SO IT IS.


Another powerful affirmation is “One with All Life.” The truth is we are not just bound by this body. We are connected to everything and everyone in the universe. We are one with all that is.

I AM my brother and sister on this planet.

I AM all humanity made manifest here.

I AM all males and females of all ages.

I AM all creatures of the earth and sky.

I AM all nations and all political systems.

I AM all philosophies, religions, and ideologies.

I AM all races, places, and ethnicities.

I AM all states of consciousness.

I AM all beings in all realms and dimensions.

I AM the all that is.

I AM one with all life.



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