Monty Roberts: Royal Horse Whisperer

By: Jennifer Chamberlain

Can man telepathically communicate with animals? We believe so, and to illustrate our point we are going to look at horse whisperer Monty Roberts.

Monty Roberts Helps a Horse Afraid of Water. Photo Credit: Wikipedia, and Lllmrpvk - originally posted to Flickr as MRoberts_keulen12

Monty Roberts Helps a Horse Afraid of Water. Photo Credit: Wikipedia, and Lllmrpvk – originally posted to Flickr as MRoberts_keulen12

Known worldwide as the “man who listens to horses,” Roberts is famous for his pioneering way of training horses. His career has spanned over many decades and at the age of 82, he is still on the road showing people how to understand and train horses. He was the inspiration for the film the Horse Whisperer starring Robert Redford. He also includes Queen Elizabeth II as one of his clients.


In their article on Roberts, The Horse Riders Journal revealed that he was raised on his family’s riding school in California. It was there that he studied the silent language of horses and started to create his own non-verbal language to form a humane method of training. For a period of time, Roberts was a Hollywood stunt double and the Journal discussed how he doubled for James Dean and Elisabeth Taylor.  Roberts has spoke of his connection to horses several times and has called horsemanship “an organic science, one that moves its boundaries as we slowly but surely uncover more about the horse’s needs and instincts.”


His extraordinary gift has led to legions of fans across the world to follow and practice his methods. His fans include the British Royal Family. Monty Roberts is a trusted advisor to the Queen and has stayed at her private Sandringham home to work with her horses. Speaking to The Telegraph, Monty Roberts revealed how he first met the Queen in 1989 when she asked him to train her horses at Windsor Castle. He struck up a good relationship with the Queen and visits her a few times every year to discuss horses.


The Queen is famous for her love of horses and is the patron of many UK racing events. The Royal Ascot, which will take place this June, is considered one of the world’s most prestigious racing events and is visited by the Queen every year. It also has been referred to as the “best of what flat racing has to offer,” by equine reporter Tony Keennan, a seasoned journalist who contributes articles to Betfair focusing on Royal Ascot. The Queen has entered many horses that have likely been trained by Roberts.


Such is Roberts held in high regard for his horse whispering that Prince Harry enlisted his services to help with traumatized soldiers. Speaking to the Evening Standard, Roberts explained that his experience with horses could help soldiers with PTSD. He created a three-day program called Horse Sense and Healing: “Horses act as a mirror for a person’s emotions, and participants quickly tune in as to how to manage their reactions and responses – useful tools which can be used to cope with everyday life, confront painful memories and progress their recovery.”


Roberts shows that communication is possible beyond the normal channels. He is living proof that telepathic communication is possible with animals and that these methods can also be used on humans.