My Proof of Survival: A Visionary Dream

My cousin Gregg passed away from AIDS in 1989. It was a tragic end to such a young man —
he was only 27. When he was alive, we shared many personal conversations about our views of life and spirituality, and I felt especially close to him.

In December of 1998, I was experiencing a personal crisis in my life, and I felt very alone and depressed, and I went to sleep with a troubled mind. That night I had a remarkable vision. It was much more vivid than a dream, and I was fully conscious at the time.

I found myself in a room, waiting for someone. Suddenly, my late cousin walked into the room. He was positively glowing with a spiritual light, and the light radiated tranquility and joy. I was very pleasantly surprised. “Gregg, you look wonderful!” I exclaimed. “Let me take a close look at you.” I stood a foot away from him, and every cell suffused light and peace. “You’ve never looked better,” I said.

We sat and conversed telepathically for some minutes, not talking about anything in particular. Then, suddenly, I woke up.

My God, I thought, I just saw Gregg!

Was it a visitation, or did I have an out-of-body experience in the etheric realm? I do not know, but one thing I am sure of: It was real. I had visited with my deceased cousin, and it could not have been a mere mundane dream. Thank you, Spirit, for your occasional revelations that life never ends, and that ultimately, there is no such thing as death. — Edwin F, Imperial Beach, Calif.