True Mystic Experiences: My UFO Story


On a cool fall evening in 1966, I was walking down the street to my friend’s house for a ride to our first night of driver’s training, which in Minensota was a prerequisite for a driver’s license at age sixteen. As I neared the corner and was nearly under the streetlight, I happened to look up just in time to see a light blue beam slowly moving down to the street surface. At the tip of the beam was a light the size of a tennis ball that glowed orange. It moved slowly but deliberately, touching the street just fifteen feet from where I was standing, then the orange “ball” immediately began moving back up, retracting the blue beam with it as it ascended.

Visually I followed the beam up, but as it neared the globe of the streetlight, I lost it as the streetlight was a little brighter than the beam, but illuminated by the street light was the underside of a round object, thirty feet in diameter and three feet thick. It had an obscured grayish exterior, and was hovering silently a few feet above the light pole. I was within a few strides of being directly underneath it. A realization came over me that the beam was some kind of measuring or calibration device and that I should get the heck out of there. I exited stage right, and went through a couple of back yards and six-foot privacy fences to my friend’s back door, pounding wildly and excitedly trying to explain what had just happened to me. We were back under the light within a minute, but of course it was gone, and we all had a good laugh about it. But I have never forgotten my one and only UFO experience that happened forty-six years ago. — Paul M., St. Paul, MN