John Keel and Mothman


The late Fortean extraordinaire, John Keel, recounts his involvement with the history surrounding his most famous ethereal nemesis…

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The Kensington Runestone


A controversial stone inscription has been authenticated as proof that 14th-century Europeans reached North America 130 years before Christopher Columbus.

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Village of the Walking Dead


The Count’s story was set down exactly as it fell from his lips—in blunt, matter-of-fact phrases, punctuated only by the occasional gasp from the librarian.

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The Practical Cryptid Hunter


Cryptozoology has drawn both followers and debunkers, scientists and showmen, hobbyists and researchers.

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The Little Green Man Who Got Away

Green Man

The creature looked like something from another world — or a comic book — and every kid in town was determined to catch it. One of them almost did.

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Did Cro-Magnons Discover America?


This FATE classic examines archaeological evidence that Cro-Magnon men may have reached America before either Columbus or Leif Ericsson.

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The Phantom Rider: A Story of Another Headless Horseman


Most have heard of the “Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow,” but few know of Delaware’s decapitated phantom night-rider.

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The Impossible Fossils


From giant human skeletons to entombed live frogs, toads, and beetles, many extraordinary discoveries and exhumations fall into the strange category of “impossible fossils.”

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Ghostly Receptors: New Perspectives on Ghosts and UFOs

Strange Connections Between Ghosts and UFOs

In many situations, does it not seem likely that ghosts, UFOs, and aliens appear to us as we would expect them to look?

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Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects

Russian Submarines and Unidentified Submersible Objects

Reports of underwater objects of unknown origin, sometimes called “Quackers”, proliferated throughout the years of the Soviet Union.

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Ghost Soldier in Our Attic


“I think I would have died and that the soldier would have taken me with him except that at that very instant my small daughter sat up in bed screaming the most unearthly screams I have ever heard. Still, it seemed her screams receded farther and farther from me….”

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The Great Airship Hoax


In this classic FATE installment, Fortean Jerome Clark takes a critical look at the airships of yesteryear.

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Are the Saucers Made on Earth?


MOST people who accept the ­reality of flying saucers immediately jump to the conclusion that their point of origin must be another planet.

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The Combustible Women


Is there a plausible explanation for strange cases of spontaneous human combustion that occurred in 1951?

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