Phantom Lights in Oklahoma

What are the Phantom Lights of Oklahoma?

“The light seemed to follow us. It was transparent. Finally I raised my shotgun and let it have both barrels.”

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The Piltdown Prophecies


The Piltdown Man Hoax is ranked among the greatest hoaxes of the modern scientific study of human origins. What can it teach us about the study of mystery hominids that may exist today?

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Enter the Light: A Look at Faith and Science Today

Fate Magazine is About to Launch!

Dan Nieman, author of “Enter the Light,” offers this thoughtful critique about worldview and reality in a culture where science and belief systems are in a constant stand-off.

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Bog Mummies of Europe: The Past Comes Alive

Bog Mummies of Europe: The Past Comes Alive

Bog mummies have been discovered, submerged in peat, dating back to the 1700s. Who were these individuals, and what can modern science tell us about them?

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An Interview with Michio Kaku


In this classic interview with FATE, Michio Kaku discusses the physics of the impossible with FATE Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Galde.

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Welcome to FATE’s New Website

Greetings from your Editor! Welcome to our new and vastly improved FATE website. This user-friendly site will make it much easier for FATE friends and fans to enjoy great articles, interviews, and columns from FATE’s amazing 65-year history. Now you can … Follow Your Fate…

From Your Editor | FATE March/April 2013

by FATE Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Galde What a roommate! I had just bought a house and needed some help to pay the monthly mortgage. Llewellyn was in the process of hiring David as an editor and moving him up from Texas. … Follow Your Fate…

Andrew Crosse: The Man Who Created Life


Did a little known amateur scientist by the name of Andrew Crosse discover how to create life? Did he unintentionally discover a mixture of electricity and chemicals which yielded living creatures from a lifeless compound?

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The Roswell UFO Crash [UFO Crashes Part III]


If what they were hearing had any foundation, all of UFO history would have to be rewritten. And although they had no inkling of it then, the investigation on which they were about to embark would change their own lives forever.

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The Haunted Pillar of Prophecy


The Old Testament-style speaker proclaimed that a storm would soon destroy the Market. Only the southwestern column would survive the storm, the preacher declared, and anyone who attempted to move it would be killed.

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Eastern Bigfoot

2000-11 bigfoot hooters

Popular cryptozoology expert Loren Coleman explores the storied history of hairy hominids and unusual eastern U.S. sightings of the beast.

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Was Satan at Work?


“I, brought up in today’s cynicism, had decided long ago that a living Satan was as remote a possibility as a dinosaur in my rose garden—NO MORE.”

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The Amazing Godwin | FATE May/June 2009

It seems that my memory is not at all reliable: I distinctly remember hearing Thomas Edison’s first grammophone recording of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” followed by “Ha ha ha!” Now all that can be found on the Internet is … Follow Your Fate…

Encounters With Little Men


“I got there and I saw him,” Latham remembers. “The little man was no more than 18 inches high and kind of a dark green in color. He was the same smooth color all over.”

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