The Haunted Pillar of Prophecy


The Old Testament-style speaker proclaimed that a storm would soon destroy the Market. Only the southwestern column would survive the storm, the preacher declared, and anyone who attempted to move it would be killed.

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Eastern Bigfoot

2000-11 bigfoot hooters

Popular cryptozoology expert Loren Coleman explores the storied history of hairy hominids and unusual eastern U.S. sightings of the beast.

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Was Satan at Work?


“I, brought up in today’s cynicism, had decided long ago that a living Satan was as remote a possibility as a dinosaur in my rose garden—NO MORE.”

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The Amazing Godwin | FATE May/June 2009

It seems that my memory is not at all reliable: I distinctly remember hearing Thomas Edison’s first grammophone recording of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” followed by “Ha ha ha!” Now all that can be found on the Internet is … Follow Your Fate…

Encounters With Little Men


“I got there and I saw him,” Latham remembers. “The little man was no more than 18 inches high and kind of a dark green in color. He was the same smooth color all over.”

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UFOs and Shamanism


Evidence of changes in consciousness like this — the “Oz factor” — are extremely common in accounts of UFO close encounters

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The Amazing Godwin | FATE Sep/Oct 2011

The 17th-century Spanish novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel Cervantes, is a fascinating read, albeit modern translations tend to exceed 900 pages. One thing that makes it interesting to me is that it seems to … Follow Your Fate…

Underground Empires


Other traditions hold that the underground cities were not built by the civilizations, but by ancient “elder races” whose only remains can be found in mysterious megalithic constructions around the world.

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Omm Sety: A Life Well Remembered


One of the most convincing examples of reincarnation in modern times is the extraordinary life of Dorothy Eady, an Englishwoman born at the turn of the 20th century who later became known to many as Omm Sety.

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My Proof of Survival: The Dead Speak


If someone had told me the dead could communicate with the living, I would have dismissed that idea as the figment of someone’s fevered brain, or at least, wishful thinking. Skeptic that I am, that was my original belief until … Follow Your Fate…

The Girl Who Caught a Fairy

A Boy Must Dream by Bill Oliver

“Each time one of my youngsters lost a tooth over the years I played fairy without ever a slip-up. Then in 1950, a real fairy took over.”

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My Proof of Survival: Beware of Relationships


My husband died after 54 years of a very happy marriage. I thought there might be someone I could share life with and bring happiness to him. I got three names. The first, I eliminated after only one letter. He wanted a … Follow Your Fate…

True Mystic Experiences: Mean-Looking Angel


In the summer of 1990, I was incarcerated within the Arizona State Prison System. I was a 26-year-old fool who had gotten caught in the go-nowhere world of drugs, and, as most do, found myself in big trouble headed for … Follow Your Fate…

The Amazing Godwin | FATE Jan/Feb 2010

In my last column, I discussed the question of biblical inerrancy and mentioned the many misunderstandings that have arisen because of the problems of accurate translation. Remember, the Bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. And not even modern … Follow Your Fate…