My Proof of Survival: Roses of Love


My husband, Lyken had been ill for some time since his car accident.

Day after day he wished to die, as he was always so active and now he was confined to his recliner and was weak and hurting.

He was 84 years old and every day asked God to let him die. I told him one day God would hear him and grant his wish.

On November 17, 2008, he had a stroke and passed away. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Thirteen years before, on his birthday, I bought him two cracker rose bushes. They were Southern bushes that bloomed all year. They weren’t very large roses, but they smelled beautiful.

Two weeks after my husband died, I was standing in the dinette by his chair and looked out the window to see what the neighbors were looking at. Then I saw both rose bushes were loaded with many roses, more roses than leaves.

One bush had been blown over by the wind and half of the roots were out of the ground and it shouldn’t have had any roses on it, but it was as full as the larger bush.

The neighbors were taking pictures of the bushes.

I knew my husband was telling me that he was okay, that he loved me, and goodbye. I felt so much love from the roses, so I told him to rest in peace, go with God, that I loved him and goodbye. I felt so much peace go over me that I knew he had heard me.

The next morning, all the petals had fallen off the bushes to the ground. The morning after that, they were all gone. I guess the wind had blown them away. It seemed it was his last goodbye.

I told his children (from his first marriage) about the roses and they asked if they could have them to plant in their garden. Elaine took one and Clay the other. I hope they enjoy them as well as their father did. I know he would have wanted them to have them, as he loved his children very much. — Helen Vera W., Seminole, Fla.