Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for FATE. We’ve prepared these guidelines to show you what we look for in a manuscript. Please know that we cannot accept every good article we receive; we simply don’t have room. 

Please submit your article by email or on computer CD accompanied by hard copy. All handwritten or typed submissions will be rejected. 

Because of the volume of submissions we receive, you can expect to wait several months for a response.  FATE does not publish book-length manuscripts.


FATE magazine reports on a wide variety of strange and unknown phenomena. We are open to receiving any well-written, well-documented article. (FATE does not publish poetry or fiction.) Our readers especially like reports of current investigations, experiments, theories, and experiences. Here is a partial list of typical FATE topics:

  • Psychic Phenomena Dreams, prophecies, telekinesis.
  • Recent Fortean Phenomena Strange creatures, mysterious events, unexplained coincidences.
  • Life After Death Near-death experiences, mediumship, spirit contact, reincarnation, astral travel, and other proof of life after death.
  • Healing Alternative healing systems and experiences, including acupuncture, herbalism, and psychic techniques.
  • Ghosts and Hauntings Experiences and investigations of ghosts, hauntings, and poltergeists.
  • Scientific Breakthroughs Including free energy, new discoveries about matter, lost continents, ley lines, and mind machines.
  • Recent UFO Occurrences UFO sightings, encounters, abductions, activity, investigations, and disclosures.
  • How-To Healing, divination, mediumship, dowsing, ghost hunting, astrology, dream analysis, graphology, visualization, and the like.
  • Sacred, Mystic, and Historic Sites Modern archaeological discoveries and reinterpretations of old ones, the true stories behind myths and folklore, and ancient religions and cultures.
  • Alternative Spirituality Spiritual belief systems and religions other than mainstream ones.



True Mystic Experiences and My Proof of Survival

Articles for “True Mystic Experiences” and “My Proof of Survival” departments should be fewer than 500 words. They should recount personal mystic or psychic experiences of the writer. All details must be true. If your account is accepted for publication, you will be required to send a notarized affidavit attesting that the incident described is true. Contributors should include a photo of themselves, at least 3” x 5”, either color or black and white. We will return photos unharmed after publication.

Many photos we receive are poor quality. Make sure your picture has good contrast and detail. A plain background is best. Make sure your face shows and is not shadowed by hats or trees, and that glasses don’t create a glare.

Photocopies, color printouts, pictures cut from larger photos, large group shots in which you are one tiny face among many, and I.D. cards are not acceptable. Payment is $25, including photo use.


We want FATE to be as visually appealing as possible. Photos and artwork will vastly enhance the appearance, and acceptability, of your article.

Articles, illustrations, and photos must be legally reproducible. If you are using illustrations, photos, or text from other published sources, they may fall under copyright law. You are responsible for obtaining permissions for use from either the publisher or copyright holder before the manuscript is accepted for publication. Items must be documented with the source and date of publication. We cannot and do not assume items are in the public domain unless you tell us so and give the source and year of publication.

Photos intended to accompany FATE articles must be of high resolution (i.e., not blurry or pixelated) in order to be considered. Photos must be 300 dpi in the intended print size. In other words, we need a width of 1380 pixels for a two-column picture (that’s 300 dpi at 4.6” wide), 660 pixels for one column, 330 pixels for an author photo (one-half column width), 810 pixels for a halfpage illustration, or 1650 pixels for a photo that bleeds off the page. FATE accepts both high resolution digital photos and good, clear photographic prints.

Attach a slip of paper to the back of photos and illustrations with your name, story title, and captions.

We do not return photos or artwork sent to us, unless postage is provided. Keep copies in case of loss.


Articles should be lively, personal, and informative. They should play up the wonder of the subject matter and/or develop practical benefits. Avoid academic – style writing, and please be aware that we rarely publish theoretical articles. Although FATE publishes relatively brief articles, we look for depth of content. We rarely want round-ups that merely list a variety of sightings or events. In general, it is best to focus on one event or type of event, or one time period, and provide convincing detail. Let the reader feel what it was like to be at the event.


Features run 1,500 to 3,000 words.

Briefs are 500 to 1,000 words.

Fillers are less than 500 words. Short fillers of 150 words or less are particularly welcome.


FATE is non-fiction. All articles should be documented in these ways:

Personal experience articles should include full details of names, dates, times, and places. Although some of this material may be withheld from publication if you specifically request it, we must have it all correctly documented for our files. You may be asked to provide contact information for all participants. You may be asked for a sworn and notarized statement from yourself and other participants or witnesses verifying facts described. You will be reimbursed for this cost after publication if you provide a copy of the receipt.

Sources for quotes and unusual information must be included.

Articles that are not based on personal experience should include references.


We encourage email submissions ( and submissions on CDs. Label disks with your name, article title, whether the disk is Macintosh or PC, and the software used. If you are using an unusual word processing program, save it as a plain text or ASCII file. Include a printed copy of the article.

Use 81?2“ x 11” white paper, a standard typeface, and do not use all caps. Please double space.

On the first page, include your full name, address, phone number, and email address.

Place identification at the top of each page. Include your name, the article’s title, and page numbers.

Include a cover letter with your submission.

Whether you use a typewriter, word processor, or computer, output should be letter quality. Faxed articles are not acceptable.

Keep a copy of your manuscript in case of loss. We do not accept responsibility for materials sent to us.

Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage to return your article if it is not accepted. If return postage is not included and your submission is not accepted, you will receive notification but your article will be discarded.


Standard payment for feature articles is $50 per article, and $10 for short fillers  (less than 500 words), True Mystic Experiences, and My Proof of Survival, payable six months after print publication. FATE does not pay kill fees if an article is not used, except for contracted, assigned articles where an arrangement has been specified, in writing, in advance. Contributors who live outside of the U.S. may choose to avoid currency conversion costs by opting to be paid in kind with a FATE subscription or with other FATE merchandise.

Payment for “True Mystic Experiences” and “My Proof of Survival” is $10, including the use of the photograph, which will be returned.

We will send you a free copy of the issue in which your article appears, with a coupon enabling you to buy additional copies at a discount price.


FATE normally purchases the right to assign copyright and all rights, literary, electronic media, and otherwise, to all articles and photos we accept. FATE generally retains all rights to the articles, illustrations, and photographs that we publish. This entitles FATE to use the article again, in print or in any other media, including but not limited to radio, film, and electronic media any other electronic media not yet created, forever, worldwide and in perpetuity. It does not prevent you from sending a substantially different article on the same subject to another publication.

We like to see our writers published! If you are having a book published that includes material from an article you have published in FATE, write to us, giving details, and we will send you written authorization to use the article at no charge as long as FATE is credited as the original source (month and year of issue).

If you have questions about this policy or about re-selling your work elsewhere, please write to us with your specific question. If accepted for publication, FATE will retain all subsequent rights and copyright (same rules of original submission copyright policies apply). This category includes book excerpts, articles published in other periodicals, material posted on websites, and all other work that has previously appeared in print or on the Internet or in any other electronic media not yet created.

Contributors must advise FATE of the publication status of submissions when they are submitted. Failure to indicate that work has been previously published will invalidate any agreement to pay for such work.

If you have questions about this policy or about re-selling your work elsewhere, please write to us with your specific questions.

Original manuscripts, photographs, illustrations, documentation, etc., that are published will remain FATE’s property. FATE looks for new writers and encourages them. We hope that your inquiry is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship!

Phyllis Galde