True Mystic Experiences: Wedding Crasher


Happily we attended the wedding of a nephew. Flowers and the fresh air of an outside wedding are a great combination. After the wedding that afternoon, all were invited to a reception and dance. The facility where the event was held was an old creamery that had been converted to a reception and dance hall.

We arrived early and few people were present. Lots of tables made it easy to find a place close to the dance floor.

I looked up and noticed how old the building was, the character of the trim molding and thought, As old as this building is, I’ll bet there are a few spirits hanging around. I quickly raised the camera and jokingly said, “Smile pretty ghosts; I’m going to take your picture.”

Without looking, I pressed the “picture” button. I checked the “album” and immediately saw a spirit in the picture. I raised the camera and took a second picture, but the ghost was gone. The image is clearly the spirit of a woman, possibly dressed in a gown. She appears to be coming out of the table right in front of us. A small orb is also noticeable off to the left. Quite an impressive Wedding Crasher. — John P., Inver Grove Heights, MN