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Angels and Heavenly Visitations (The Best of FATE Magazine)

True Accounts of Angels and Heavenly visitations from the pages of the world's leading magazine of the paranormal!Are Angels Real? "Yes!" Say the editors, contributors, and readers of FATE magazine—and billions of people worldwide.Now you can read the best writing on those heavenly visitants, the angels, from the pages of FATE, the oldest and leading publication covering the fields of the paranormal, the occult, and the unexplained. In its six-plus decades of publishing, FATE has printed dozens of reports, articles, and reader letters chronicling the activities and nature of angels, with particular emphasis on guardian angels. Gathered in this volume are some of the most pertinent and informative of those pieces. You will learn more than you thought possible about these eternally busy and helpful beings. You will also learn several ways to contact them, what they want every human being to know, and some the many different ways they have manifested themselves in the lives of people as varied as world-famous entertainers, homemakers, soldiers, and office workers.