Werewolves and Dogmen

Werewolves and Dogmen

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Are werewolves real? Find out the chilling truth about werewolves and their kin – dogmen and spectral black dogs – in this unique collection of 31 well-researched articles by leading writers and investigators, including Loren Coleman, Brad Steiger, Mark Chorvinsky, Scott Corrales, and many others.

This stellar collection from the best of FATE magazine will have you looking over your shoulder the next time you are out on a full moonlit night!

Rosemary Ellen Guiley fully unpacks the topic of werewolves in all its permutations as she lays out a treasure hoard of history, folklore and present-day observations contributed by various writers over several decades. The stories range geographically from Thailand to Wisconsin, and run a timeline that stretches from ancient Viking mythology to recent sightings. Readers already familiar with the subject will find meaty new tidbits to devour, and newcomers to all things werewolfish will be astonished at how much there is to consider in this field too often dismissed as pure legend.

 – Linda S. Godfrey, author Real Wolfmen, True Encounters in Modern America, lindagodfrey.com

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is executive editor of FATE magazine, and the author of more than 65 books on the paranormal, mysterious creatures, and more. She hosts Strange Dimensions Radio on the KGRA digital broadcast network, and runs Visionary Living, Inc. publishing and media.