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Thank you for joining us at FATE Magazine. So how does FATE still stay relevant after all this time? “FATE allows readers to think for themselves by providing them with stories that mainstream publications don’t dare touch. The truth is, reality does not conform to the neat and tidy box that many people would like to wedge it into. Our world is a bizarre and wondrous place and our universe is filled with mystery — it is teeming with the unknown. People are longing for something more than the mundane transactions of everyday existence. FATE feeds the soul’s appetite for the enigmatic, the esoteric, and the extraordinary.” 


 In keeping with staying relevant we are spreading out to more platforms to continue "doggedly promoting the validity of paranormal studies" and bringing you reports of the strange and unknown. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see and hear interviews from our archives and other FATE related videos.


We are also on iNSTAGRAM . Follow us for special offers and photos unavailable anywhere else. Heres a Bigfoot photo submitted by one of our followers. Check in and let us know if you think it is the famous cryptid or another hoax.