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Accepting My ET Heritage

Rita Milios

FATE Jan-Feb 2011, Vo. 64, No. 1

As a psychotherapist, I know that our subconscious minds can hide things from us until we are ready to safely integrate the hidden knowledge into our worldview. Never was this capacity more evident to me than the day I discovered that I had ET ancestors.

I’ve always thought of myself as an average person, more or less. Oh, I knew there was something a little different about me, but I figured that my difficult childhood contributed to my intense nature and seriousness. As a child I felt like a very old person. I seemed to be able to understand things beyond my years. I could understand other people’s problems, even though they might be quite different from my own. Although I don’t recall a lot about my childhood (apparently having suppressed much of it), I do recall an overall feeling of being very old inside, as if I were just waiting for time to pass and my body to grow so that I could begin to “do my job” (whatever that was to be).

I recall at age 13 feeling very lonely and helpless, wondering if I should just give up, or if I had it in me to hang on for another five years until I could leave my unhappy childhood behind and take charge of my own life. During one of my many solitary walks, I heard a voice that seemed to come from somewhere in the air surrounding me. It said, loudly and clearly, “You must hang on. You must survive. You have a job to do, and it has to do with how the universe works.”

Wow! That was a big assignment—and certainly worth waiting for. So I steeled myself for the long, hard years to come and waited to grow up.

Intuitive Messages

After that, my life was directed by occasional intuitive messages that were so strong that I knew they must be heeded. Almost always, they came with unexpected surprises as well. Once when I was presenting a workshop in Dayton, Ohio, I met another speaker with whom I immediately identified. We both felt an immediate rapport, as if our energies had somehow connected. During my speech, I felt an outpouring of universal energy come into my body and then flow out into the audience. I realized that this other person’s energy had been a catalyst; it had opened my solar plexus chakra completely, allowing the universal energy to flow through me unimpeded and connect me with my audience at a deeply emotional level.

This person was on my Path for another reason as well. Through her I learned about hypnotherapy and realized immediately that this was something that I should do. Three days later I was enrolled in my first hypnotherapy class. I then went on to take several advanced classes, one of which led to my first, and most profound, ET experience.

During this particular hypnotherapy course, we were learning the technique of doing past life regressions. I had always avoided getting a past life regression myself, even though I had been teaching spiritual classes for about eight years at the time. My reasoning was that I didn’t have any unexplained problems that would lead me to believe that a traumatic past life needed to be cleared up. Besides, I hadn’t found anyone whom I felt I could trust to do it (even though I knew of a psychologist who did past life regressions). Nonetheless, at this point, want it or not, I was getting a regression, as we students always practiced on one another.

UFO Nightmare

Six weeks before the day of the regression, I began to experience intense anxiety whenever I thought about the upcoming event. I was inexplicably tense, literally shaking in my boots. Not only that, I began to have a feeling of dread and the return of a recurring childhood nightmare where lights filled the sky and I knew that these were the lights of UFOs. I knew, too, that they had come to get me, along with many other people who were also huddled behind the large rocks in a field. (Yes, this sounds very much like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but trust me, these dreams occurred several decades prior to the movie coming out.) In my dream, my biggest fear as I awaited the UFO landing was that I would soon be leaving my family behind and would be all alone, among strange “people” in a strange place.

Shortly before the weekend of the past life regression, we did another hypnotherapy session where the technique was to deal with the biggest fear in your life. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about the UFO dream but was shocked and terrified to go into a hypnotic vision where I saw a spaceship, with a little man emerging and walking toward me. I was so fearful that my hypnosis-training partner had to incorporate several safety techniques to allow me to feel comfortable enough to talk to him. (We put him behind Plexiglass and kept him at a distance.) He told me that I had a job to do (this had become a familiar phrase to me) and that even though I was afraid, I should not worry because I had previously agreed to do this job, in full knowledge of what it entailed. I had made a commitment and a sacrifice, which I was just now fully realizing. The little spaceman said these things to me; then he left.

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