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Are You An Incarnated Rebel Angel?

Here is an article written by Maryann Kehoe, a wonderful human being and a member of the Fate Family. We recently lost her. She was loved dearly and we will miss her. Join us in wishing her peace and tranquility on the other side. Here is the unedited version of her article published in Issue 738.

This is the question that Phyllis Galde and I continue to ask ourselves as we devour books written by Timothy Wyllie with his companion angel Georgia. These recently discovered volumes (by us) are sequels in a “confession series” of seven books. * Timothy, referred to by Georgia as “my ward,” a fascinating character on his own, graduated Earth School in 2017. His life story is lovingly retold by Georgia as an aside, and relief from, the compelling prehistory of planet Earth. In addition we learn much about the organization of the celestial spaces we find our planet nested in, and the politics that pervades everywhere and everything. Many FATE readers will see reflections of their own unique and fantastic experiences in Timothy’s story amid the backdrop of the incredible prehistory of this planet we have come to know as home. That he came to view himself as a reincarnated rebel angel is but one of the awe inspiring discoveries he made about himself and the world we inhabit.

The basis for these writings is found in a source known as the Urantia Book. (Published in 1955 it is a compilation of many papers channeled over many years via a group of committed followers in the midWest.) Wyllie, with Georgia’s almost imperceivable guidance, unpacks this highly esoteric document for more general consumption and promotes the confidence needed to undertake reading it. I, for one, had only been able to skirt the margins of these two thousand pages before introduction to Wyllie’s work. Phyllis and I have found it hard to put down any of the books in the “confession” series. We often find ourselves in a state of “wow” while wanting to discuss a particular passage.

Timothy Wyllie was born and raised in the UK where he trained as an architect. An only child raised solely by his mother, his childhood was punctuated by the sound of German bombs. He possessed an exceptional intellectual curiosity and a penchant for exploration which was conditioned by coming of age during the turbulent sixties. He helped form a religious cult, dedicating his life to the cause by adopting a monk’s lifestyle (complete with black robe) and traveling the world at the leader’s bidding. As Georgia recounts, the dozen plus years he remained in this service not only provided him with multiple adventures and misadventures but promoted development of his highly empathic traits of humility, truth seeking, compassion and intuition. Timothy was also an artist and many of his drawings, which reflect the celestial worlds, are featured in his books. A near death experience in 1973 opened him up to the reality of the angelic realms. While under the influence of psychedelics as a younger man his long hair turned its signature white in a most terrifying experience of perceiving a snake entering his body through an eye. (It is not clear that it ever exited him.) He spent much of his life in the US, in New York City and, lastly, in New Mexico.

The idea of “fallen angels” is an ancient one. This archetypal tale is recounted in many and varied religious texts. It is also majorly featured in the Urantia Book and, by design, in the

“confession” series. Georgia, the main narrator, identifies as a Watcher angel and struggles with the fact of her role in joining the Lucifer rebellion. We learn that Lucifer, and main assistant Satan, were valued members of the Multiverse Administration (MA)** before they decided that autonomy and freedom of choice mattered more than, for lack of a better word, institutional loyalty. Lucifer, according to Urantia sources, was most troubled about the amount of attention given to mortal (human) ascension by the MA. The rebellion ignited and spread to 37 planets, including Earth (Urantia), in the Local Universe*** who joined Lucifer’s cause. The response of the MA was to quarantine these planets in order to stop the spread of, in their opinion, dangerous ideas. Essentially, quarantine meant that interterrestrial travel was severely curtailed, with mortals losing their sense of connection to the universal whole. In essence, the planned progress of our planet, including human upgrade, was blown off course approximately 203,000 years ago.

As recounted in the Urantia Book the vast majority of the permanently assigned angelic beings, exactly 40,119, sided with Lucifer and were destined to remain on our planet until the time of Jesus Christ, whose esoteric mission was to remove them. Prior to removal they interfered with and thwarted human evolution, They also fought among themselves as a result of a corrupted sense of power, again with negative outcomes for humanity. With their removal approximately 2000 years ago a mere 9,981 loyalist angels were left to function as planetary intermediaries with the higher realms. (It is not clear where the rebel angels were removed to or under what circumstances.) As a result the relationship between mortals (us) and our celestial companions continued to suffer. On planets untouched by the rebellion, and developing according to MA plan, mortals are well acquainted with extraterrestrials and angelic companions and have retained knowledge of their place in the Multiverse. They have had no cause to forget where they came from or who they are unlike us.

Now for the good news. The angelic rebel revolution is now deemed resolved, “adjudicated,” by the MA authorities. It is beyond the scope of this piece to venture further into this but, according to Wyllie’s sources, it was resolved in the early 1980’s. Fate readers will appreciate that, essentially, having Earth’s quarantine lifted means that we now have an open channel for contact with interplanetary neighbors. Of course communication with ET’s has been taking place, as many can attest to, despite our formally sequestered state, however, there now exists permission from our MA overlords to promote it. As a result of this resolution rebel angels have been offered a chance to “redeem” themselves by being offered the chance to incarnate on the human plane. Angels are known to sometimes harbor a kind of envy towards humans who, actually, are closer to the creator being as a result of having a spark of God within, so to speak. Angels do not have this but are created to protect that precious part of mortals. Humans evolve, angels do not. Let’s remember that the angelic rebellion was generated, in part, by his resentment of there being too much attention paid to the ascension of human beings by the MA.

On page 242 of Awakening of the Watchers Georgia writes: “...I also trust my words will help awaken those incarnate rebel angels who may not yet be aware of their true identities. Accepting who you are will give meaning to your life; knowing why you are here will bring purpose to your incarnation; recognizing what you’ve done in the past allows you to see patterns of behavior that can be corrected; and an awareness of where you’ve been in your fall through time will enrich and deepen your true sense of self.” I trust that many of you reading this, or FATE in general, will resonate, as Phyllis and I do, with a sense of knowing that we have incarnated at this time and place to be part of a great awakening on planet Earth. Many of us will easily identify as starseeds and will have given selflessly to foster expanding consciousness. Some of us “baby boomers” will have participated in events and activities meant to usher in the new age thereby bushwacking the landscape for subsequent generations. For those of the “great generation” there is satisfaction in having fought the good fight for freedom and having stayed the course, an inspiration for us all.

To truly acknowledge oneself as an incarnated rebel angel there must be a sense of redemption and/or reconciliation, even if it is not fully conscious. Recall that rebel angels are given the choice to incarnate after having been exiled. According to Wyllie, and as was the case in his own life, incarnated rebel angels often experience very difficult childhoods or major life events which they must overcome in order to not only learn from their past poor choices but also to develop those traits and talents that will best serve humanity. Yes Earth school can be a most challenging place for us incarnated rebel angels but where else can we get such an excellent education? And, if need be, there is always reincarnation to master lessons missed.

* “confession” series by Timothy Wyllie:

-Confessions of a Rebel Angel

The Wisdom of the Watchers and the Destiny of Planet Earth (2012)

-Revolt of the Rebel Angels

The Future of the Multiverse (2013)

-Rebel Angels in Exile

Pleiadians, Watchers, and the Spiritual Quickening of Humanity (2014)

-Wisdom of the Watchers

Teachings of the Rebel Angels on Earth’s Forgotten Past (2015)

-Awakening of the Watchers

The Secret Mission of the Rebel Angels in the Forbidden Quadrant (2016)

-Secret History of the Watchers

Atlantis and the Deep Memory of the Rebel Angels (2018)

-The Rebel Angels Among Us


**Timothy Wyllie’s general term for the celestial administration, with special reference to the Local Universe bureaucracy

***a grouping of planets that comprise 10 million inhabited worlds


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