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Fridays News From Fate

We just had to share these unusual videos with you. Have a great weekend from FATE Magazine

A piglet has become something of a local celebrity as its face looks like that of a monkey. The strange-looking animal has attracted a lot of visitors. It was born early this month in southwest China's Guizhou Province. It is believed to be just a deformity though - not any sort of DNA experiment crossing pigs with monkeys, according to the Independent. Another "mutant" pig born in China with two snouts and three eyes was recently posted online. Its owner said they had been rearing the piglet since it was born. Environmental pollution is thought to be to blame in that case too, although it has not been proven.

Mammoth Mystery Bird

The photographer who was fishing with his younger child had sights of the massive bird. The first report was in Logan County where the reports was the huge mystery bird had carried the child away. Other reports was in Mattoon, Coles and Mclean County.

Alien Life or New Species? Definitely A New Species.

The Nautilus team called it "a thrilling discovery."

The sea pen made its appearance during a visit by a remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, to an unexplored seamount near Johnston Atoll, a remote spot to the west of Hawaii in the Pacific. It was unexpected. This is the first time this animal has been spotted in the Pacific. It's normally found in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The Nautilus came across two examples during the dive.

A video shot at a depth of 9,823 feet (2,994 meters) shows the moment of discovery, along with commentary from excited researchers. "That looks wicked," says one of them after the ROV got a close-up shot of the creature's food-capturing tentacles. For scale, the sea pen's stalk is 6.6 feet (2 meters) long.


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