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UFO seen rising up from Ocean and More

UFO seen rising up from South Atlantic Ocean

A constantly changing UFO was caught rising up from the South Atlantic Ocean by the livefeed camera on the International Space Station (ISS) on July 30, 2022. Here are six frames from that video which was saved by Mary Hall who regularly monitors the ISS live video camera. A thermal filter was used on these zoomed-in images of the UFO. These thermal images begin to appear exactly one minute into the 2:15-minute video which is posted on the “Mary Hall” YouTube channel.

Could newly found holes in ocean be linked to ETs?

TThey were discovered 1.6 miles below the surface by researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Two weeks later, and 300 miles away, they found the same kind of holes. Again, they were all in a straight line.

According to an August 2, 2022 UPI article, the NOAA exploration team tweeted, “The origin of the holes has scientists stumped. The holes look human made, but the little piles of sediment around them suggest they were excavated by … something.” For decades, UFOs have been seen rising up from Earth’s oceans, seas and lakes around the world. Could the newly found lines of holes possibly be vents for an alien facility beneath the ocean floor?

Sinkhole wide enough to swallow the White House

An enormous sinkhole wide enough to swallow the White House has opened up on a plot of mining land in Chile, according to Sernageomin, the country's National Service of Geology and Mining.

The gaping, 104-foot-wide (32 meters) sinkhole(opens in new tab) appeared Saturday (July 30) in a rural area outside the town of Tierra Amarilla, about 500 miles (800 kilometers) north of the capital city, Santiago. (In comparison, the White House measures about 85 feet, or 26 m, wide.)The hole appears to be about 656 feet (200 m) deep, with a reservoir of water sloshing around the bottom, according to Vice(opens in new tab).

The hole opened on the site of the Alcaparrosa copper mine. According to Lundin Mining(opens in new tab), the Canadian company that owns the mine, no injuries or damage have been reported. Sernageomin geologists are investigating the hole and have placed a 328-foot (100 m) security perimeter around the site.

Brandon Specktor

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