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UFOs Survive Volcanoes In Mexico and more

Mexico ranks seventh in the world for UFO sightings according to research journalist Leigh Thelmadatter with Mexico News Daily. Significantly, many of those UFO sightings are caught by multiple webcams monitoring the Popocatepetl and Colima volcanoes. Because those are active volcanoes, it is most curious that UFOs often are caught flying in and out and over and around those volcanoes even during eruptions.

It might seem UFOs would be destroyed by the heat from an erupting volcano but NASA SOHO satellite cameras often snap photos of planet-size UFOs that seem to appear much too close to the Sun which has a surface temperature of approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below is one example. These NASA satellite photos reveal a globe-shaped UFO that attached to the Sun with an umbilical-like cord for more than three days, actually 80 hours, from March 8-11, 2012. Clearly, the extraterrestrials have technological knowledge beyond what we know that makes their spacecraft impervious to metal-melting temperatures.

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In Search Of Intelligent Descendants Of Dinosaurs

The remains of the dinosaur civilization can currently be located both under the seabed and under the thickness of Antarctic ice... ..The manufacture of hunting tools has nothing to do with the creation of civilization at all. capable of walking upright, it had three fingers on each hand, respectively, he was able to grab objects. Paul Stonehill

Underwater Secrets Of Ancient Arctic Civilization

The Greeks called it Hyperborea.. The Persians believed that their ancestors came to their current places of residence from the north.. That's just sometimes among the finds there were some very strange ones.


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