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Uri Geller Saw Alien Bodies

We have read and heard fragmented statements about Uri Geller, the world-famous magician, seeing actual alien bodies.  In an effort to present a more complete version of his experience, we transcribed an on-air conversation he had with UK television/radio host Howard Hughes about those bodies. The boldface questions in this September 11, 2023 interview were asked by the host.

URI GELLER: Fifty years ago, I was led into a refrigerator room in a secret massive base together with Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, a CIA agent and Dr. Wernher von Braun. . . He showed me alien bodies.  I’ve seen them with my own eyes, and this was 50 years ago.

Why have you not talked about this before now?

Because I was simply not allowed to talk about it.  But then I said “What the hell, everybody else is talking about it.”

You know my opinion is that America is hiding alien technology about it.  Why?  Because they want to weaponize it.  They want to be superior of Russia and China and they’re doing it very secretly.  But there are too many whistleblowers already.

Can you describe what you saw?

Absolutely. I will tell you exactly what I saw.  First of all, when Edgar Mitchell the astronaut told me that there’s somebody very important at NASA who wants to meet me, I was shocked that it was Wernher von Braun. . . I walked into Wernher von Braun’s office, and my daughter-in-law is with me.

Now, I had a CIA commissioned camera, a German camera, it is called a Minox, and I told Chitty (daughter-in-law) that whenever we walked into Dr. von Braun’s office, we had to snap a photo.  We actually have some photographs of me and Dr. von Braun in his office showing me a little piece of metal that he claimed came from a crashed UFO.

Okay, let’s go now to the refrigerator room.  He takes me out to his car park.  He tells me “Sit next to me.”  We were sitting in a limo and we drive deep into the base.  We arrive at a concrete building.  We descend into the abyss of the building three or four floors.  He takes me around the corner.  We put on Antarctica warm coats, you know, those all-orange warm coats that you wear when you’re out on an expedition in a very cold climate.  It had a NASA logo on it. 

He opened the refrigerator door, we walk in.  Well, I almost faint because what I see is the following.  I see alien bodies in a line, in kind of a glass-frosted coffin.  I’m using the word coffin because there’s no other explanation that I have for the case that they were in.

Some bodies were intact.  Some bodies were mangled, almost as if they were pulled out of a crash. . . But it was stunning.  I mean there I was.  At first, I thought I was dreaming.  Then I thought I was being taken for a ride, but it wasn’t.  This was real. . .

What do you think Dr. von Braun expected that you would do with that information?

I don’t know what Dr. Wernher von Braun thought why was I shown this.  I’m not the only one who was shown this body. . . Probably they had an agenda.  I have no idea but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  I’ve told it to some Mossad agents.  You know, the people I told it to were not surprised.

The host showed Geller this photo of an ET that was taken in Mexico in 2004. Then he asked if it looked like the beings Geller saw in the refrigerator room.

Very much so, but let me expand what I’ve seen in that massive, huge refrigerator room.  The bodies resembled what we’re used to seeing, whether it’s on documentaries or on the Internet – big eyes, kind of elongated heads.  Definitely very similar.

Will you testify before a hearing in Washington about this? Absolutely!!!

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