FATE Magazine E Issues

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January—693 People With No Brains

February—694 George Washington

March—695 UFOs Over Texas

April—696 Martians 

May—697 Man on the Moon

June—698 Charles Fort

July/Aug—699 Jim Morrison

Sept/Oct—700th Anniversary

Nov/Dec—701 Angels



Jan/Feb—702 JZ Knight

Mar/Apr—703 The Rock

May/June—704 Michu Kaku

July/Aug—705 Rolling Stones

Sept/Oct—706 Rennes le Chateau

Nov/Dec—707 Black Madonna



Jan/Feb—708 Zechariah Sitchin

Sept/Oct—712 War of the Worlds

Nov/Dec—713 Leonard Jacobsen



Jan/Feb—714 ESP on the Moon

Mar/Apr—715 Babe Ruth

May/Jun—716 Yoda

July/Aug—717 Atlantis

Sept/Oct—718 Amazons

Nov/Dec—719 Bali



Jan/Feb—720 Napoleon



Mar/Apr—721 Bog Mummies

May/Jun—722Crazy Horse 

July/Aug—723 Robert Schoch

Sept/Oct—724 Reptilian Attack

Special Ghost Issue