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540-foot “canister” found on Antarctica’s coast

Antarctica - Ancient metropolis discovered By Mary Joyce, website editor

Mary Hall seems to have hit the jackpot on September 18, 2021 when she discovered the remains of an ancient metropolis emerging from the melting ice and snow of Antarctica. And, it wasn’t just one cluster of structures like the one shown above. It was spread out like a true city. Below are three other sample satellite snapshots of the ancient metropolis.

The above canister-shaped object was found wedged on the northern coast of Antarctica by Ed Johnson. Though its top is covered with ice and snow, there are two features indicating it’s more than a broken-off hunk of the continent. The yellow arrow points to window-like shapes in its side. The red arrow points to a smooth linear shape that runs nearly the entire length of the object. The object’s size is notable too. It’s about 540 feet long. – The editor To explore the object for yourself, copy and paste the following coordinates into your Google Earth or Google Maps search bar: 67°26’03.22”S 60°53’04.67”E


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