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A Ghost Saved My Life

Her near-death experience isn’t dampening her spirits.

A Colorado elementary school teacher who survived being stabbed 16 times by her ex-boyfriend claims she has seen “shadow people” since the horrifying attack in 2020.

Eilish Poe, 25, made the ghostly revelation last month during a five-episode run on the “Otherworld” podcast.

The Texas native swears she saw three “crystal clear” ghosts of people who died in her lifetime and insists one even helped her reach her phone to call for help as the assault unfolded on Nov. 4, 2020.

Poe says she was ambushed in her own home by Jonathan Crossley, 25, after she turned down his efforts to be more than a summer fling.

Poe said she was “very upfront with him from the start” and sought to distance herself from Crossley when things turned “sour.”

“He wouldn’t leave… He kept leaving really intense voice messages saying, ‘I love you, I’m not going to let you go,”’ Poe recalled. “I was scared.”

The spurned lover reportedly snuck into Poe’s home and waited in a crawlspace for 26 hours.

She said she went to check on her pet bunny, Boomer, when Crossley charged at her.

“He then pushed me down the stairs, and I hit my back pretty bad — I still have injuries and trauma from that,” she recounted. “He grabbed me by the back of my hair — it was really long at the time. He shoved my head into the wall five or six times.”

Crossley stabbed Poe in the neck, torso and arms.

She says she played dead so he would leave.

Poe remembers seeing a “carousel of people” in the bathroom doorway 2 feet from where she was lying in a pool of blood. 

“My paternal grandmother was standing right there,” Poe explained of grandmother Jeanie, whom she didn’t get to say goodbye to. “She passed away in 2014. She was standing there just kind of quaintly smiling at me. She didn’t wave or anything like that.”

Jeanie “faded out,” and pal Vicky “faded in.”

Poe’s best friend from high school, Vicky reportedly committed suicide in February 2020.

“It is a crystal clear image of what she was wearing, and she was also just standing there, and the same as Jeanie she had this comforting smile on her face,” Poe described.

“I am still grieving for her three years later, but it felt like a bonus time, even just for 5 seconds, or however long it was, to see her and be near her again.”

Alyssa Burkett, who was stabbed and shot to death by her ex in Poe’s Texas hometown, was the third person to “fade in.”

Poe claims it was Burkett who “literally pulled me up, and I was sitting upright” — an action she says saved her life because it allowed her to use her phone to send for help.

“A lot of people have been like: ‘That was just your brain surviving, or an angel’ — but what I am telling you is it was as real as seeing an alive person in the room, it wasn’t ghostly,” she said.

After the attack, Crossley died by throwing himself 150 feet from a cliff edge.

Poe, meanwhile, underwent 10 surgeries as well-wishers donated more than $66,000 for her medical bills.

She says she has seen “shadowy figures” “probably between 50 and 100 times” during her recovery.

“They never approach me apart from one specific time, and the second I start to walk towards it or acknowledge it, it’s just gone,” she shared.

“I think because I almost crossed over, because it was so close, maybe those shadow people are people who are in the between of crossing over and they’re in the middle somewhere, maybe that’s why I can see them.” Jack Hobbs and Tracy Swartz

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