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A lifetime of UFO sightings, encounters, abductions

We received this report from about Kyle McDonald who began having UFO experiences when he lived in the Western North Carolina Mountains. South of Waynesville. It is an area where there have been many UFO sightings. His UFO experiences run the gamut. He’s seen UFOs from afar and up close; has been abducted; and is at least the third generation in his family to have had UFO experiences. Below is his story. –

My name is Kyle McDonald. I’m 40 years old and was raised in Waynesville, North Carolina. For so, so many years I always, and still to this day, have had very close encounters. It all started with my mother before I was born, as well as her mother. For me, it started when I was 12 years old. I would have the same vivid dream at least one or two times a week of floating from my bed, down the hallway, and either straight through the roof or through the wall, up along the treetops and into the sky.

Then I would feel like I was falling from a skyscraper!!! My stomach would literally go up into my chest!! And BOOM!! Instantly, I would wake up back in my bed. These were SOO, SOOO VIVIDLY REAL! But I never can recall anything else.

I remember one night I was staring out the second story window and saw two saucer-shaped craft doing a “dance” together in the sky. One would zip across the sky, then stop instantly! The other would follow. I yelled for my mom and sister to come watch. We all went outside on the porch and watched in awe. One saucer came so close I could see the windows along its side.

Fast forward to 1996. I was 15 years old. Three friends and I went camping in Maggie Valley, NC. My oldest friend had his license and drove a little Chevy truck. About 11 p.m., we decided to drive to town to grab food from the Waffle House. My friend Jeremy and I decided to ride in the bed of truck. Well, it got cold so we lay down in the bed of the truck to minimize the wind hitting us.

As we were staring up at the sky, we drove underneath a MASSIVE - I MEAN FREAKING HUGE BLACK TRIANGLE!! It was so close; I could have hit it with a rock. We both instantly stood up and started banging on the roof of the cab, yelling “STOP! STOP THE TRUCK!”

My friend Brock stopped the truck and all four of us stood outside the truck and were just mesmerized by the STADIUM-SIZED craft that hovered directly above us!! The underside of the craft was graphite color and had all these angles cut in it like a diamond. It was beautiful!

None of us said a word as the craft disappeared, and we just drove in silence to the Waffle House. It’s so weird because we never really spoke to each other after that night, and we were all best friends before that.

Now I live in Elkin, NC and over the years, I’ve learned how to cope with this gift I have learned that I have. It may sound crazy, but I telepathically communicate with them and have photos and videos as back-up proof.


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