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Alien Befriended Ancient Chinese King

Researcher and author Yin Zhe diligently combed through Chinese dynastic writings searching for ancient UFO sighting reports. Many were found, but the following one stands out because it’s about an alien befriending King Zhou Mu who reigned for 38 years, from 956 to 918 BC. Below is the translation of King Zhou Mu’s unique story. It was translated by Yin Zhe and included in his book “Aliens and UFOs in Ancient China.” – The editor “During the time of King Zhou Mu, there was a mysterious figure from the west who was unaffected by the elements, had alchemical abilities, had the ability to pass through rocks and mountains, and displace whole city in one piece and ability to fly. The entity possessed multiple talents, with skills to change form of things and affect the mind. King Zhou Mu worshipped this entity and gave him the best residence available, providing him with offerings, sacrifices, hostesses. The entity did not fancy the lodging, food and the women, which caused King Zhou Mu to rebuild the lodging with finest ornate craftsmanship. “The state’s resources are dwindling and finally the ‘Watchtower’ was completed. This building was about 1000 ren (3.2 km) tall and situated at the Zhong Nan peak. It was called ‘the Midheavens Tower.’ “The finest women were selected to perform songs and finest cuisines were offered. The entity was still reluctant but obliged to stay in this place.”

“Not long after, he invited King Zhou Mu for a tour, and the latter grabbed the entity’s robe and they flew to the original home palace of the entity. The palace was bedazzling and astonished the King Zhou Mu as his own palace cannot compare to this spectacle and felt that perhaps he was in heaven. “He felt like he had lived for several decades without care and concern for his own home. The entity invited the King to another tour, and he ended up in a void without sun and moon, without rivers and sea, confusing his sight and hearing, and feeling uncontrollable sensations in his body. Then he begged the entity to bring him back to his own palace. The entity gave him a push into a void and he returned to his palace with servants and ministers around him when he opened his eyes, and they claimed he was ‘tripping’ for a while. “In the next few months, the king was frequently in daze and queried the entity. The entity then answered ‘What are the differences between your palace and mine, your gardens and mine? You are used to material things and now you are shown the true illusive nature. Can you grapple with the true nature of the cosmos?’” Thanks to for this article wich can be found here:


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