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Are Saucers Made On Earth? 1958

Here is a prophetic piece from August 1958:

Most people who accept the ­reality of flying saucers immediately jump to the conclusion that the performance of these strange craft is so revolutionary that their point of origin must be another planet.

I, too, made this mistake when I first became interested in saucers. However, the longer I study this fascinating subject the more I am convinced that the answer to the mystery can be found right here on Earth.

During the past few years government investigations of flying saucers have been started by most nations of the free world. The only country that has published its official conclusions is Switzerland. After five years of study the Swiss Air Force (Defense Aerienne du Territorie Helvetique) stated last October that when hoaxes, optical illusions and misinterpretations of conventional objects had been duly accounted for, the only remaining saucers were those resulting from a continuation of German rocket research begun during World War Two.

As substantiation, the Swiss Air Force cited recent statements by Herr George Klein, formerly chief of the Third Reich’s Ministry of Munitions. According to Klein, Germany’s experiments with circular aircraft were begun in the early war years. On February 14, 1945, Klein witnessed a successful test flight at Prague. On that date a pilotless remote-controlled saucer soared to a height of almost 40,000 feet within three minutes.

These experiments were carried out for the most part at Peenemunde—where Germany’s deadly V-1 and V-2 weapons were developed also. One of the early models, released at Stettin, crashed tragically on the town of Spitebergen. But by the closing months of the War the flying saucers were a proven, thoroughly tested reality.

These German saucers were propelled by a complicated modification of the jet principle. They were capable of remaining stationary and of making near-right angle turns, due to a special device which operated on the principle of the gyroscope. Herr Klein states that at least two types of flying saucers are being built today. One is about 45 feet in diameter, with five jet nozzles around its perimeter. Another larger model is about 140 feet in diameter, with 12 jet nozzles. He claims that saucers developed since 1950 by Canada’s Avro Corporation have flown 1,500 miles per hour and have even been inspected by Field Marshall Montgomery!

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