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Are You Bigfoot Experienced?

Kristen Fischer

After a long days’ worth of hiking and the sun starting to set with its beautifully blended

color scheme. This is when it was decided to set up camp for the evening.

With the crackling of the fire and the buzzing of nature going around causes you to slip

away into a deep sleep. All of the sudden you awoke upon a loud crash coming from right

outside the area you can see. A few moments later you cannot believe what is in front of you.

There is a large hairy figure lurking and curiously wondering around you.

For years, people have believed in the existence of Bigfoot. However, for people like

Michelle Miller had an experience of a lifetime for the Bigfoot community.

“I was at my sister’s house sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette when I heard a noise

off in the distance,” Miller stated.

At first Miller didn’t really think that her encounter was a Bigfoot

“It was years later when I saw a TV show on hunting Bigfoot, when I heard the sound

that was picked up, that’s when I knew I heard a Bigfoot.” Miller mentions

Charlie Raymond of Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization has built a team to

investigate Bigfoot claims that have been made in Kentucky with the most claims coming from

Anderson County.

“I became involved in the research for bigfoot around 35 years ago so I could possibly

have an encounter with it” Raymond said, “I have had over a dozen encounters with him and

when I did, I would leave because it is rather difficult to hold your ground.

Raymond believes that Bigfoot is a very curious creature who is attracted to things like

fire or people grilling out in camp sites. However, he tries to help protect the habitat they live

while doing his research.

Bigfoot has become a huge phenomenon that a group of people created a convention

on cryptids other than Just Bigfoot.

Lee Kirkland is a cofounder of Cryptid Con: Bigfoot, Monsters and Legends.

“My friends and I are fans of all things paranormal with event promoting backgrounds

and we really wanted to do something different.” Kirkland stated

Cryptid Con is just like Comic Con, but for people who are interested in all thing’s


For more information on Cryptid Con go to

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