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Bigfoot seen on lake shore in Northern Ontario and More.

Bigfoot seen on lake shore in Northern Ontario

A boater was videotaping his cruise on a lake in Northern Ontario and happened to catch a Bigfoot walking across an open space within the trees along the shore. Fortunately, the video was later analyzed by the owner of the Thinker Thunker YouTube channel who has the technical and photographic skills to determine if such Bigfoot videos show authentic images of the elusive creature. He posted his analysis of this boater’s video on December 9, 2022.

BEWARE: Grey ETs are deceiving humans.

“The beings known as the Greys are the main species that are behind this breeding program. The reason why is because they are a dying race. They are in the face of extinction and they claim to be us from the future so they can convince people that we are somewhat related genetically so we develop compassion and actually agree on a higher level, or a lower level, to give away our genetics and they are doing this. And, I have to say that I consider this to be one of the greatest threats in human evolution right now.” – Marina Seren

NOTE: Marina Seren describes herself as a human hybrid. She specifically is concerned about the devious actions of the species of Greys that is about four feet tall and have pointed chins.

It’s a pretty bold claim to say you are a human hybrid created by ET genetic engineering but there are reasons to consider that Marina Seren may be telling the truth. First of all, she reveals a wide range of plausible yet mind-stretching information that few would know about.

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