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Bigfoot? Woman reports sasquatch encounter outside gym in Ashland

ASHLAND -- The 20-year-old woman walked out of the Warehouse 24-Hour Gym around midnight, her workout complete.

She turned to the right and headed to her car in the well-lit parking lot. There were no other vehicles in the lot on that side of the building, constructed and opened in 2018.

But she was reportedly not alone on the cool, clear spring night April 24.

The woman heard a twig snap. She looked and saw a creature, seven or eight feet tall and covered in gray fur, racing back into the woods about 30 yards away.

It was far too large, likely several hundred pounds, and moved too quickly to be a man, she believed. Shaken and in tears, she called her parents from a nearby restaurant, asking them to come and drive her home.

She had likely encountered a sasquatch, according to nationally acclaimed Big Foot investigator Matthew Moneymaker, who has devoted much of his life to the pursuit of the mysterious creature, including the national cable TV show, "Finding Bigfoot."

Moneymaker, a California resident who founded the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in 1995, spoke to the woman and to her father before posting Report #69065 on his website. There were plans to visit her in person to gain more information and research the location of the sighting, outside the gym at 1151 Commerce Parkway on the city's east side.

Unfortunately, Moneymaker said, some of the woman's friends and co-workers learned of her experience through the website and made light of her claim.

She and her father asked her name be removed from the website report, a request with which Moneymaker complied. She isn't interested in further participation.

"She isn't backing off what she claimed she saw. She stands by what she saw and so do her parents," he said. "She is a young woman and doesn't want people who may be ignorant making fun of her. I believe her and I do think it happened.

"This is not a hoax report."



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