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Black Goat Walks On Its Hind Legs

In the video, a black goat is seen guiding a flock of hens into their shack. The most curious part of the clip is that the big goat walks on its hind legs. According to the poster, the goat is apparently trying to imitate humans while doing so. They also claim that the goat is not just guiding the flock but instead tricking them into their designated home. The caption says, “A black goat imitating human by walking with hind legs tricks the chicken into the shack.”

Any specifics about the video are unknown, given that it was anonymously posted on Reddit. However, people on the internet drew horrid comparisons between the goat in the clip and the goat in the 2015 film "The Witch," as many filled the comment section with the character’s name in the film, "Black Phillip."

Other people on the Internet were quick to pronounce the video cursed as they dubbed the walking goat “Satan.” A user wrote, “Psh “goat”, I know a demon when I see one,” while another added, c A user cynically commented, “He’s taking him inside for sacrifice,” while another added shocked, “No no no. That looks terrifying.”

Although the visual of the goat walking like a human was shocking and mostly terrifying for the people online, there were indeed users who were incredibly curious about the goat’s intentions behind guiding the hens inside the hut. While some guessed hunger could be a strong factor, others thought the incident was simply a coincidence.

Among the chaos was a gentleman who waived his torch of knowledge. He estimated that the goat was probably in pain because of its hooves and was thus avoiding a painful walk to the hut. "This is what happens when there is something wrong with the goat's hooves. It's in pain and not trying to put pressure on the hooves." Here is the original post from India Times

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