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Blessed Virgin’s Apparitions in a Transylvanian Village - by Boczor Iosif

FATE Dec 2006

Szokefalva is a village in South Transylvania, Romania. The Virgin Mary has appeared there to a blind woman, Marian Rozalia, in the presence of witnesses three times yearly since 1998. Rozalia was born at Tarnaveni, a town three kilometers from Szokefalva. She lost her eyesight because of diabetes. After she had gone blind, she was tormented by hopelessness. Praying was her only source of comfort.

Rozalia saw a brilliant light several times from January 1995 through June 1995. When she was praying alone on June 17, 1995, a voice addressed her. Then in December 1995, a Blessed Virgin statue in heavenly light appeared before her. A crown with 12 small stars glittered on the saint’s head and a bigger star with a strange light shone above these stars. “The color of this star is yellowish. I can’t compare it with earthly lights. The heavenly light always undulates rhythmically.

I hear a voice in this light. This voice is pleasant beyond description. Listening to this voice I forget all my sorrows,” recalls the seer of her mystical experience.

At the beginning of December 1995, Marian Rozalia was staying at her grandmother’s house. In that month, before Christmas, an old, dying apple tree burst into blossom in the courtyard, filling the yard with the scent of apple blossoms. A huge branch has yielded fruit every year since then. Marian Rozalia did not speak about her visions until 1998. The first apparition in the presence of witnesses occurred in her parent’s house in November 4, 1998. This house was again the scene of an apparition on March 21, and June 17, 1999. The Roman Catholic church of Szokefalva has been the scene of Marian apparitions since November 1999. Hungarian and Romanian pilgrims pray and sing with tears in their eyes during these apparitions. In her messages the Blessed Virgin urges people to love each other unselfishly and follow God’s Word. Although Marian Rozalia is not learned in psychology and medicine, she can give adequate answers to questions concerning these sciences.

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