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Cube-shaped UFOs in Photo

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Cube-shaped UFOs rarely are seen. In fact, we had to go back to our 2011 archives to find a truly convincing photo of one. That year, we were extremely lucky to catch the one below as it passed in front of a NASA SOHO satellite camera on July 23, 2011. Though not as clear, there are three other rectangular-shaped objects in the same satellite photo.

These UFOs are whoppers. Compare them to the white ring within the circular camera shield. The ring represents the diameter of the Sun which is 864,938 miles. This means these cubes truly are humongous.

Then this year, we know of two witnesses who have reported seeing cube UFOs. On May 2, 2022, Scott A. Waring with the “UFO Sightings” website saw one on live video feed from a NASA SOHO satellite camera.

“I was watching the SOHO Sun viewer,” Waring said, “when I noticed a black cube in a few frames of the video. Right after the cube exited the Sun, a huge solid black screen covered up 25 percent of the whole viewing area. It’s clear that NASA is trying to hide these cubes from us.”

The second witness this year is a professional pilot who saw a cube-shaped UFO closer to Earth. He was flying at 30,000 feet over Medellin, Colombia in February 2022 when he took the photo below. An enlargement of the object is on the right.

Gene Roddenberry and his Borg Cube creation for “Star Trek”

How did Roddenberry get idea for Star Trek’s Borg Cube?

We’ve been unable to find photographic evidence of cube-shaped UFOs before 2011. So, how did Gene Roddenberry come up with the idea of the aerodynamically-challenged Borg Cube for his “Star Trek” television series back in the 1960s?

According to internationally known psychic medium Phyllis V. Schlemmer, Roddenberry participated in her international parapsychology research group that included scientists, doctors, teachers, ambassadors, athletes and filmmakers from several countries. During their sessions, Schlemmer says she would go into deep trances and receive information from “an enlightened circle of universal beings known as The Nine.”

According to Schlemmer, those sessions inspired many of Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” ideas. She recalls that during one session, Roddenberry asked “The Nine” where they were from. The answer was “Deep Space.” So, Roddenberry created a sequel to “Star Trek” that he titled “Deep Space Nine.”


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