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Dinosaur Fossils and Ghosts -Remnants of the Past

Thanks to global warming, Antarctica’s very first dinosaur fossil remains were found on the continent’s James Ross Island in 1986. By dinosaur standards, it was a small creature, only measuring 13 feet in length. It was named Antarctopelta which means “Antarctic Shield.” The fossil remains of a second dinosaur were found in 1991 on Mount Kirkpatrick in the Transantarctic Mountains. This dinosaur was much larger than the first, measuring 21.3 feet in length.

It was given the name Cryolophosaurus which is a composite of three Greek words meaning "cold crest lizard."

Fossil remnants of a 280-million-year-old forest were found by Dr. Erik Gulbranson and Dr. John Isbell of the University of Wisconsin and their international team of researchers when they trekked across Antarctica in late 2017. This means the ancient forest of Antarctica existed before the dinosaurs which lived on Earth between 252 and 66 million years ago. Thanks to Mary Joyce at for this interesting piece.

Stanley Hotel Ghost?

ESTES PARK, Colo. (KKTV) - The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is known across the country and around the world.

Historic tours have returned at the Estes Park landmark following a short absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The history of the hotel includes more than 100 years of legend and lore, with much of the lore coming from Stephen King’s The Shining, a movie based off a book that centers around a haunted hotel.

An out-of-state visitor recently reached out to 11 News after a trip to the historic hotel. Kim tells us she was there on May 27 for a tour. It was about 9:03 p.m. when she snapped a patriotic shot showcasing the exterior of the hotel with half a dozen American flags on display. Kimberly tells us she took a second picture about a minute later. The second picture can be viewed at the top of this article.

When looking at the first photo, the third-story window appeared to contain only curtains. But in the second photo, it almost appears as if there is a young girl or woman standing between the curtains and the window, staring down at Kim.

“I honestly have to keep looking at the picture because I can’t explain it or wrap my mind around it because it wasn’t there when I took the picture, so to see it blows my mind,” Kim wrote to 11 News.

The debate was fierce in the KKTV 11 Newsroom. With some employees certain they see just curtains in the window, others think it could be a mannequin and a few think it could be something more...

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