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Encounter with tiny man in SC forest

by Mary Joyce

The Little People I’ve written about in my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real” are GIANTS compared to the tiny ones that some people have seen in the woods. This is an eyewitness report from a man who encountered one of those tiny people. Though the witness has shared his experience with a few friends, this is the first time he’s shared it in any public way, but only after I promised not to use his real name. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his professional career by talking about something that many might find totally unbelievable. So, we’ll call him James. If you find James’ report too fanciful to believe, read the article below this one. It is about a tiny mummy that was fully examined by two respected institutions. They both certified that the 14-inch-tall mummy was that of a real humanoid.

When James was in his early 20s, back in 1988, he went camping with a buddy and two other guys. Their plan was to spend the night near a remote trout fishing location in the Sumter National Forest north of Walhalla, South Carolina and then go fishing the next day. After setting up camp, they were just talking, laughing and having a good time around their campfire. Then about midnight, James was getting tired and sat on a cooler away from the campfire. His buddy came over and asked, “Are you having a good time?” Before he could answer, James saw something move off to his left. He feared it might be a bear or a cougar. Instead, he saw a tiny man jump on top of a small mound of dirt. “I didn’t understand his language but his tone was friendly,” James told me. “It was like he was simply greeting us and letting us know he was there. My buddy freaked out and went to stomp on the tiny man, but the little guy quickly jumped off the mound. My buddy took a deep breath and backed off, but the tiny man returned. This time he was angry, really mad, and gave us the Italian arm sign for ‘up yours.’” I asked James for a detailed description of the tiny man.“He was about 13-14 inches tall. He looked human, maybe a little fat, and his skin was whitish, like a Caucasian. He had round cheeks and a pudgy nose. His eyes were lighter.

“He looked like a gnome from the “Gnomes” book except he didn’t have a beard, his hair was brown and his hat wasn’t pointed. It was a floppy-brimmed hat – something like the hat in this photo (below).“His clothes were brown, different shades from light to dark. If you were walking in the forest, he would blend in so well that you probably wouldn’t see him. “He wore boots with his trousers tucked into them. Someone in his tribe must have known how to weave because his clothing was made of cloth. “His hair was cut just above his shoulders and he appeared to be very clean, and well kept.”“I’ve actually met one other person who understood my experience that night. He and his friends would go to that same area in the forest and they developed a relationship with the tiny man. Every now and then, they’d leave him a can of beer. “So, it seems the tiny man was initially friendly with me and my buddy because he thought we might have a beer for him. That’s probably all he wanted from us that night we were camping in the forest.”

A tiny mummified man was discovered in a cave in the San Pedro Mountains south of Casper, Wyoming by two men searching for gold in 1932.

The little man’s legs and arms were crossed in a yoga position but he had been violently killed. His head was smashed so severely that his brain was exposed. Plus, his collarbone was broken and his spine damaged.

Eventually, the little

mummy was examined by researchers at the American Museum of Natural History and their results were certified by Harvard University’s Anthropology Department. The two institutions agreed that the little mummy, now known as Pedro Man, was about 14 inches tall and about 65 years of age.

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