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Eva Gabor and the Hawaiian Saucer Fleet

Eva Gabor tells of seeing flying saucer fleet from patio of Outrigger Club in

Honolulu, Hawaii: “Well, darlings, flying saucers didn’t actually chase me,

just frightened me half to death!”

Eva Gabor and the Hawaiian Saucer Fleet

From Honolulu, Hawaii, comes this interesting report from Movieland and TV Time

magazine correspondent Joyce Becker, published in the March 1967 issue of that periodical,

“Eva Gabor: A Flying Saucer Chased Me!”

Wrote Becker concerning Eva Gabor’s visit to Hawaii to entertain sailors and soldiers on

leave from Vietnam, during a short hiatus from work on her hit television show, Green Acres, “It

was a beautiful, warm, moonlit night and the air was scented like perfume by the tropical

flowers. Eva Gabor and her then husband number four, 4 television executive Richard Brown,

were heading for the island’s posh Outrigger Club. As their car sped along the palm tree-lined

streets, Eva slipped her hand into her husband’s. She looked up into the starlit sky and took a

deep breath. ‘Darling,’ she said, in her beautiful Hungarian accent, ‘I’m so happy that we chose

to entertain our guests at the Outrigger Club. It is so perfect. We can dine out on the patio

without having to worry about anything.’ Richard Brown looked up at the sky and gently

squeezed his wife’s hand, letting her know that he too felt this was the perfect night which

nothing could spoil.”

Despite the wafting tropical breeze, the temperature was in the mid-90s, to they settled on

ordering some tall, cool drinks. The women talked about shopping and not wanting to leave the

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