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Excerpts from interview with Budd Hopkins

This informative article from PBS caught our attention this morning. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. PBS provides excerpts from interviews regarding cases where people who believe they have been abducted by aliens.

The Linda Case

HOPKINS: The best case that I had ever worked with, and it's extraordinarily important, and it's the subject of the book that I'm working on right now. It involves a woman who was abducted—who I had worked with before this experience. She was abducted from a 12th floor apartment in Manhattan. Floated out the window. And in this case, the UFO occupants wanted this to be seen, for various complicated reasons.

So therefore, it was not masked or hidden or whatnot. Even though it was three in the morning. This woman was witnessed floating with the three aliens—below the UFO, 12 stories up—by a number of different people, who I have heard from. One of the people who I interviewed at great length, described her absolute terror when she saw this sight from the Brooklyn Bridge. Her first attempt to explain it to herself—this can't happen—was: 'Somebody must be making a movie. This must be a movie, because this is impossible. And yet I'm looking at it.' There were other people on the bridge too, also terrified. 'There are people floating in the air'—as they described it.

People on the ground contacted me. They still have not w

anted their names used. They've not wanted to talk to me personally, for various reasons. But described exactly the same thing. I've gotten matching sets of drawings of what everyone saw from their own—perspectives.

Another woman who I've dealt with at length, saw the UFO right next to the building from which this woman was floated out. She said it was enormous. And at that point, somehow, her car stopped and their memories are very unclear from that point on. As if somehow or other—as often happens in these cases—there was some kind of effect, electromagnetic effect or whatever—we don't know what to call it—which stopped the car. And their memories only went up to the point of seeing this UFO right directly next to the building, before the people floated out.

I have another witness at another location. Here we have eye-witnesses to people doing an impossible thing: floating, 12 stories up, in a beam of light. There's much, much other testimony connected with this—some of which I'm not at liberty to present right now.

Bud Hopkins' First Case

HOPKINS: When I had looked into the very first case that I investigated, which was back in 1975, having to do with a landing that was observed by a man I knew in New Jersey. The little figures getting out digging soil samples, etcetera, and I checked into the apartment building that faced this park where the landing took place. It took me weeks to try to run down a man who was probably the night doorman at the time of this landing case.

And when I finally got to him on the phone, and I asked a very loaded question, "Do you remember anything unusual happening in the park around January of this year?" And the man said to me, "I certainly do. I'll never forget it. This UFO came down and landed in the park and scared me half to death." And as he started to describe it, I started to get chills. Because something in me, even at that date, after I'd had a sighting years before, did not want to accept that this could have really, really happened."

A letter to Bud Hopkins

HOPKINS: Here's a letter, a woman writing about her child. She was so concerned. Her daughter is three years old. When she was putting her daughter to bed, the little girl cried and cried and said, "I want to hide." And (the woman) asked, "Why?" And she said, "I'm hiding because the little people are going to get me." This really frightened the mother, and she asked, "What happened with the little people?"

(The mother wrote) "She told me they come into her room, take her outside. That they have big eyes. And that she went up into the sky with the man. I asked, `What happened up there?' and she said, `They took me to see the doctor.'"

The next day she saw on a television program, her mother was sitting there, a cover of a book about abductions with a face of an alien. The little girl jumped to her knees, pointing at the TV shouting, "That's them, mommy, the people." "She covered her eyes and said, `I'm scared, mommy.' I've never seen such fear in Nicole before. Within that same week she drew many faces with only very large dark eyes. I also noticed at that time, while undressing her, three tiny raised pin-like marks near her navel and the same under her left nostril. That same day she also had a pretty bad nose bleed."

"Since this all occurred, every now and then she mentions other things, such as, `They take my jammies off. They hurt me,' etc. I realize you receive many letters of this kind, some of which are phony. But, believe me, this is not made up. If this is all really happening to (my little girl), please give me some advice as to how to help her deal with these visitations. I know you're a very busy man, but please, perhaps a short response to my letter may ease my anxiety a little. Mr. Hopkins, could this really be true? Thank you, Sincerely."

There's no way that one can read these letters without responding. And the idea that something like that is made up by a publicity seeker, or whatever, as skeptics like to say, is just absolutely absurd. I have worked with some of these people afterwards, referred them to other investigators, and I think we've brought some relief for them in helping them explore what really did happen in their lives.

A Typical Case

HOPKINS: I was working with a man once who was a lieutenant in the army at the time of the incident. Big, tall man, an Irish man, pretty macho. Had a young wife and a little baby. And he told me that when he was taken into the craft, put on the table, paralyzed, terrified, couldn't move, he resolved that when he was going to get off the table, he was going to make a break for it, wherever—however he thought that was going to work.

And he said he was lifted up after this physical examination, which was humiliating. His feet went down to the floor and he said, "Bud, I just stood there, I didn't move. I didn't do anything. I just couldn't do anything." And this little figure came along, and these long, gray fingers reached out and took him by the wrist." And he said, "He just gently took me by the wrist and I went with him." And he said, "You know, I was the giant in that room, but I was the baby."

And it was so difficult for this man, with all his military training and his Irish background and his youth to admit that he could be that easily manipulated and moved. And if you think of that as an example of what might lie ahead for society, in a certain sense, it's a pretty grim future.

The Long Island Case

HOPKINS: In another case, on Long Island a woman who I've worked with, had remembered waking up, and there was a range of physical phenomena which she described. I think she was paralyzed at one point. Her son, in the morning had described these figures coming into the room. He was enormously terrified. The woman remembered walking downstairs, in the middle of the night, and she doesn't remember coming back up. She found herself in bed. There was a lot of confusion.

But in the middle of all of this, the neighbors called to say: What is that thing in your yard with all the lights on it? So you have witnesses who happened to look out the window and see the UFO on this person's property.

Well, you have cases like this again and again. And either this happened the way it happened, or again, you have some kind of elaborate collective hoax, including people's children. There's no motive for this. I think the evidence is just again and again totally persuasive. These cases never blow up in your face, and suddenly: Oh, we found out that so and so was a crook and they were doing this and that. It doesn't happen. The material withstands all kind of scrutiny. And, as a matter of fact, the more you look into it, the more evidence comes together to support them.

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