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Fireballs In Texas And More

CBS News

Dashcam footage from a Tesla shows a fireball streaking through the sky, as seen from a freeway in Houston on Sunday. The American Meteor Society says it received more than 580 reports of sightings in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma that night. No word yet on whether there were meteorites after a small space body broke up harmlessly Sunday (July 24), high in Earth's atmosphere. "The initial computer-generated trajectory shows that this fireball entered the atmosphere over Cistern, Texas, and its flight ended just a few miles west of Austin," EarthSky wrote (opens in new tab) of the event.

Guidestones Fall, Looking back .

From NBC News

The Georgia Guidestones have puzzled tourists and locals alike. Erected by an anonymous individual about 100 miles east of Atlanta, the monument, dubbed “America’s Stonehenge,” consisted of four large stones around a center stone topped with a capstone. Mysterious inscriptions on the monument seemed to speak to the conservation of humanity, but their exact intent was unclear.

It’s unlikely the mysteries of the Guidestones will ever be revealed now, as the monument was destroyed by an explosive device Wednesday morning, the New York Times’ Livia Albeck-Ripka reports. Footage released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) shows a detonation reducing one of the side stones and part of the capstone to rubble around 4 a.m., and a car leaving the area shortly after.



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