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Full Body Apparition Ghost

JUNCTION CITY — Something is haunting the Junction City Police Station, and the story will be televised this Friday evening.

Junction City Police Chief Amy English not only gave full details of the haunting, she also presented an update on the mysterious bag of various hair samples found at a nearby resident’s home.

Concerning the noisy spirit, whom English and others have both heard and now seen on videotape, she believes it may possibly be the spirit of longtime Junction City employee David Cox, who was killed in a lawn mowing accident more than 15 years ago at the village park. Cox had worked on a hallway addition adjacent to English’s office — an area coming from the mayor’s office which has become the center of the present, ongoing haunting.

English commented, “Ever since I occupied this office in 2006, I’ve always heard footsteps in the hallway, sometimes at 2 a.m., but there’s never anyone there. When I later became police chief, the sounds became more prominent — maybe because I was spending more time here. But it’s the sound of footsteps in the hallway all the time now.”

The former chief had noticed it also, and like English, often missed things, like files misfiled or a radio vanishing and reappearing later on a shelf.

Internet users can view videos of the ghostly spirit by visiting YouTube and searching Junction City Police Full Body Apparition. It is the second abnormality shot when showed in slow motion which grab’s one’s attention — a nearly full body shot of a white ghostly figure moving across the bottom of the screen.

English’s husband Mark Ross called upon ghost-hunting friend Eric Glosser. Retired from the Newark Police Department, Glosser operates the no-nonsense “United Paranormal Project,” whose crew videotaped the ghost as well as made clearly audible voice recordings which may indicate more than one spirit. The words “they’re back” are clearly heard at one point when Glosser’s ghost hunters returned to the site.

The ghost footage, shot during early August 2011, will finally make its official TV debut as “My Ghost Story” this Friday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. on the A&E Biography Channel. One of the Newark investigators and English enjoyed a free trip to Los Angeles to see where the “My Ghost Story” episodes are filmed.

English said, “The most common comment from people when they first see the second abnormality footage showing a large, full-body apparition is ‘Wow!’ It’s something big — but we’re not sure what it is.”


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